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  • Hi.

  • My name is Andy Bell, and today we're gonna draw Snoopy.

  • His head is actually Yeah, kind of like the shape of a peanut, which is fairly ironic.

  • So I started out making the shape, and then I add his eyes, which are really just two ovals.

  • So all of drawing is about basic shapes.

  • So I've started out with just two.

  • If I'm going to add his ear, this is almost like the shape of golf club.

  • So I add that in and what I try to do is I look for a straight against the curve.

  • So even though it is still rounded, I have a straight line against around it line.

  • So that's Snoopy from the front.

  • Let's do a side view.

  • I always start off with the top of his head and I come down and I think of it as a hill that comes out and I bring this down.

  • Yeah, and if I've taken this hill down, it's gonna come down on the other side somewhere.

  • Mm.

  • If you think about this is kind of a drumstick where it comes off, you got the bulk of the meat right here.

  • Mm.

  • And his collar.

  • There's Snoopy.

  • He's heading off in some direction, going somewhere.

  • And that's how you draw a Snoopy?

  • Uh huh, Yeah.


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Andy Beall Draws Snoopy (Official PEANUTS Video)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/21
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