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  • This is where China's future in the world is mapped out.

  • The National People's Congress, or the NPC, is officially the highest organ of power in China, with nearly 3000 delicates miss annually to outline the superpowers long term plans here to take away from this year's meeting.

  • Top of the agenda was changes to Hong Kong's electoral system.

  • The semi autonomous, partially democratic region was a thorn in autocratic Beijing side for a while.

  • Hong Kongers have long wanted an overhaul of the electoral laws, but in the direction opposite to what Beijing has imposed for years.

  • They have demanded universal suffrage.

  • With huge rallies seen in 2019, Beijing is now pushing back with a field of 2895 to 0.

  • With one exception, NPC delicate approved the decision to amend the electoral clauses in Hong Kong's mini constitution.

  • Although we don't have the details of the amendment yet, what we know so far has many a large.

  • Under the new rules, the makeup of Hong Kong's many parliament, the Legislative Council or the Last Call will change.

  • Currently, the last show is made up of 70 seats.

  • 35 seats are directly elected by Hong Kongers, and 35 have fuelled mostly by probation representative constituencies.

  • The amendment to raise the number of seats from 70 to 90 is still unclear who will fill these extra 20 seats, but many fear it will likely be pro Beijing voices.

  • Further, they retain the influence of Hong Kongers on how they are governed, and even the 35 seats that Hong Kong has get to choose directly have not been spared.

  • If a whole Congo was to run for one of these directly elected seats, they will now have to be affected by a panel to make sure they're patriotic.

  • It's not likely what qualifies as patriotic, according to China.

  • But senior officials said Hong Kong elected public officers should have holistic love and loyalty to the country and to the leadership of the ruling party.

  • Critics fear this means pro democracy candidates or once that China disagrees with will be disqualified from running for Hong Kong, just make it fast, many in the Western echoing the sphere.

  • The European Union has said the changes will have a significant impact on democratic accountability and political pluralism in Hong Kong.

  • Chinese authorities have persistently emphasized that the definition of democracy is different from that of many people in Hong Kong.

  • For now, it seems that the China's definition, it's what Hong Kongers will have to live with.

  • Another item on the National People's Congress agenda was China's economic future.

  • China was the first country in the world to report to organizing cases.

  • The pandemic has fairly hit its economy.

  • In 2020 the economy grew by a meager 2.3% the lowest growth rate in over four decades.

  • For 2021 China is aiming for more than 6% world.

  • It's a rather conservative targets compared to market expectations.

  • But Chinese Premier Li Keqiang doesn't think this country is aiming low.

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  • A cornerstone for China's economic ambitions is competitiveness against his biggest rival, the United States.

  • Beijing has later steps to shift its reliance on foreign trade for industrial production to domestic consumption, especially homegrown technology.

  • China plans to boost its investment in technological research and development by 10% this year and more than 7% during the next five years.

  • Poor technologies like semiconductors, artificial intelligence and military science on the main areas for that investment.

  • At the same time, though, China is ramping up control over its domestic tech giants like Alibaba, which are criticized by the authorities as monopolies.

  • Alibaba's Fintech company and group tipped as the world's biggest I P O s last year was blocked from listing right before its loans due to Chinese regulators antimonopoly investigation.

  • That came after Alibaba's founder, Jack Ma, also can torment against Chinese regulatory policy.

  • Recently took more leading tech firms were fined.

  • Under the anti monopoly law, Beijing is planning to continue enacting new rules to intensify scrutiny of the tech industry.

  • It claims to promote fair competition, encourage hella regulated expansion of capital.

  • Striking a balance to counter both foreign and domestic task forces will be Beijing's ongoing challenge, also a key issue closely watched around the world.

  • Military spending also took center stage at this year's NPC, China is increasing its defense project by 6.8% to $210 billion in 2021.

  • Despite high government debt, China's military spending is the second highest in the world behind the United States.

  • Beijing has insisted that the figures are transparent despite longstanding skepticism during the NPC.

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China faces a rising, unstable and uncertain security situation.

  • She didn't specify, but China has been nervous about military disputes on several fronts ranging from South China Sea, India to Taiwan.

  • He said the army must be ready at all times and build up more prepared.

  • China's five year plan will implement measures to modernize its military by 2027 including upgrading weapons and focusing more on destructive technology.

  • 2021 is a landmark here for Chinese Communist Party as it will soon turn 100 years in July in China.

This is where China's future in the world is mapped out.

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Expansion, control and stabilization: China lays out its future | DW Analysis

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