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  • Hi.

  • I'm Lupita.

  • And this is my movements.

  • Yeah.

  • A song that reminds me of my childhood is actually Beethoven's bag, Adele Number 25 a minor.

  • Because when I was little, I loved peanuts.

  • And there was this one episode that I walked over and over and over again.

  • Where Linus Van Pelt, my favorite character, who had a blanket and sucked his thumb.

  • I suck my thumb.

  • He got his blanket.

  • His mother took his blanket to wash it, and he was in a complete depression.

  • And I would just cry with him.

  • And then the other character, Schroeder, would play this Beethoven piece on the piano.

  • So it just, like, pulled on my heartstrings, and I couldn't wait for Linus to get back to his blanket.

  • How do you choose my favorite song to dance to Wrong?

  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • I mean, okay, it's a tie.

  • It's a tie is a tie.

  • Okay, um, between Beyonce's grown woman and CRS level up.

  • Mm.

  • Yeah.

  • And why?

  • I mean, Beyonce's grown woman reminds me of, um uh when I was this just started my career and was on the award circuit and everything, and actually, on the morning of the Oscars.

  • Everyone in 2000 and 14, everyone, my glam team came to my room and they looked like death.

  • It was so nervous about today.

  • And so I had them put their stuff down and I put on groomed Woman and we danced all around the the hotel room to just take off the nerves and then level up.

  • It's the kind of song that is a workout.

  • I mean, Sierra can really break it down, and she inspires you to break it down to a song.

  • People would be surprised that I like is Nick Cave's Babe.

  • I'm on fire.

  • It's one of the longest songs in the history of songs, and it's just very, very, um, energetic and very repetitive.

  • And I first heard it in Mexico when I was living there in 1999 and I was just like, This is this is the really dope song.

  • It's a great song for a road trip, especially my favorite song to wrap.

  • I have to go back to Regulate by Nate Dog and Warren G.

  • And because again it takes me back to my childhood and it's like smooth and slow and just like funky.

  • Um, so yeah, I have to say that Don't make me Ooh, a song that feels like home Mhm home, home, home, Home A song that feels like home I would have to say Uh huh Uhh Okay, I noticed I would have to say, um Mongu Holly by blinky bill.

  • Well, because I mean, it's a song by Kenyan artist and, um that I really love.

  • And Mohali means God does not sleep So I like the message in that.

  • And it's a message.

  • It's a song of hope And it has a really funky beat And yeah, I love listening to it Wherever I am A song A song that I'm currently obsessed with its by Judy and Carlos Rivera.

  • And it is called John Novi Visit me.

  • I came across it when I was preparing for Romeo and Juliet.

  • The radio play Romeo and Julieta and, um, I just love it.

  • It's passionate.

  • The lyrics are Are they captured?

  • Like the passion of a love lost And yeah, just just it's it's very it's an ear word And, um, I just loved I listened to it over and over and over again.

  • A song by an artist I discovered in quarantine.

  • Beverly Glen Copeland's Ever Knew It is the most beautiful love story, like a love song.

  • I want to say it's a love song, but it's about renewal.

  • Always, Um, and it's really, really incredibly beautiful.

  • Um, and yeah, she has so much so uh, yeah, again.

  • That's another one I could listen to all day.

  • I go to carry.

  • Okay, so again, it's a tie.

  • The first would be Alanis Morris, since you ought to know, because, I mean, it's the kind of song where you really don't have to be a good singer.

  • You just have to have a lot of rage in you, or at least access to a lot of rage.

  • And it's so much fun to just just yell out, you know, and, uh, and then the other one is Kenny Rogers is Lucy.

  • Oh, I love this story coming in that song.

  • Oh, a song I listened to in my trailer.

  • Well, it is Diana Ross.

  • It's my house because I mean the lyrics are great.

  • It's my house, and I live here, and when you're in a trailer, you kinda have to mark your territory, a song that reminds me of a character I played would have to be honey Comb by Katja Bony.

  • I think that's how you say her name.

  • And it reminds me of my characters in us, particularly of Adelaide.

  • I'm Novita and this has been my mood mix.

  • Mhm.

  • Come on.


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