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  • [JONATHAN WOSEN]: So the idea behind any vaccine is to introduce

  • some piece of a virus to your body so you can mount an immune response

  • And then your immune system sees those fragments

  • and learns to respond to it.

  • [ALBERT BOURLA]: You do things in parallel.

  • Research, trials, manufacturing, and distribution.

  • [MIKE MCDERMOTT]: So if we think about how long

  • we would take to build our manufacturing network,

  • typically that would be a two to three year process.

  • We shrank it down to about five months.

  • [NATHAN VARDI]: There are some important reasons why messenger RNA

  • was appealing for developing a COVID-19 vaccine.

  • First of all, the virus itself is an RNA virus.

  • So it lent itself to this technology.

  • [PHIL DORMITZER]: In an RNA based vaccine, you simply inject the

  • instruction set that teaches your body how to make a piece of the virus.

  • [LAURIE GARRETT]: This is going to have a huge impact down the road.

  • [FRANK SNOWDEN]: It's wonderful….

  • What's happening is an extraordinary scientific breakthrough.

[JONATHAN WOSEN]: So the idea behind any vaccine is to introduce

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