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  • Whatever happened to predictability

  • We live in San Francisco

  • And we're all family, yeah

  • - I've never seen it.

  • I don't know what it is.

  • - The kid would be like, "You got it dude."

  • And that's why I didn't watch it.

  • - So this is the middle child, right?

  • Stephanie? (scoffs)

  • Classic middle child, trying to drive the car. Am I right?

  • - This will not end well.

  • - (laughs) What?

  • - Right into the kitchen.

  • - (laughs) Oh.

  • - What kind of a household is this that the youngest child is the first one to come in after a car has just come in through the kitchen?

  • - Uncle Jesse wants to get laid (laughs).

  • - You know what I love when a sexy girl comes into my room?

  • A laugh track.

  • (laughing)

  • - Do people get nightmares from watching this show?

  • 'Cause I think I might tonight.

  • - You don't want your family showing up in your sex dream.

  • - Now, is that the dead mom who's back, or is that the prostitute?

  • - You need serious psychological evaluation.

  • - Oh, God.

  • No.

  • - John Stamos must have woken up every single day of his life and just kissed the mirror and been like, "Thank you."

  • - He's so attractive.

  • - I feel like he would have been my childhood crush if it wasn't Arnold from Hey, Arnold.

  • - The babies are naked. Oh, weird (laughs).

  • - So this isn't a parody of anything?

  • This is really in the show?

  • Great hairstyles.

  • I feel like we should bring some of that back.

  • - It feels like a parody of itself.

  • Maybe that's because it was really influential for the time and it was important?

  • I can respect that.

  • Or maybe it's just really, really bad.

  • We may never know.

  • - If I'd known that it was this crazy,

  • maybe I would have watched it.

  • When you're with your friends

  • And your family doing things

  • Everywhere you look

  • Everywhere you go

  • - [Voiceover] That's all I-- I know these lyrics are completely wrong but--

  • Saxophone

Whatever happened to predictability

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'90s Kids Watch Full House For The First Time

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