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  • A Chromebook is a laptop

  • that runs on Google's Chrome OS software.

  • And that's the biggest thing

  • that makes it different from a regular laptop

  • that runs on Mac or Windows.

  • And Chromebooks are usually cheaper than other laptops,

  • and they're also a bit simpler,

  • since they're really only designed to go online.

  • Usually Chromebooks can cost anywhere

  • between $300 and about $700.

  • There are some things you can do offline,

  • like you can use Google Docs offline

  • and Google Sheets and those kinds of apps,

  • and you can also download Android apps

  • to your Chromebook.

  • But, really, this is a computer that is designed

  • to be used with an internet connection

  • for people who just want to check their email

  • or write a paper in Google Docs.

  • They're not very powerful,

  • so you're not going to expect to see

  • Chromebooks with powerful processors

  • or standalone graphics

  • or a lot of memory.

  • If you find yourself editing photos a lot,

  • or videos, or really using any software

  • that is more than just a web browser,

  • I would say a Chromebook probably isn't for you.

  • And Chromebooks are also unique in that

  • each webpage that you visit

  • and each app that you use runs in its own

  • isolated environment known as a "sandbox."

  • And what that does is it protects your computer

  • from getting any viruses

  • should you visit a website that is compromised.

  • That's really the biggest difference.

  • The Google Pixelbook Go

  • is one of our favorite Chromebooks.

  • It's a great option for anyone that is thinking about

  • using a Chromebook as their main computer.

  • We really like it because

  • it has a really sharp 1080p webcam,

  • which is honestly pretty rare,

  • even on expensive laptops.

  • We also just love the design and how easy it is to use.

  • And the keyboard is also great and really quiet,

  • and it has long battery life.

  • It makes it feel like you're using a more premium laptop,

  • but for a cheaper price.

A Chromebook is a laptop

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What Is A Chromebook?

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