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  • get your chip when you get your covid vaccination, they want to alter us.

  • Uh huh.

  • They're sharing false rumors and lies about Covid 19 vaccine.

  • This is the final enslavement, and they have influence because their religious leaders I look at anti vaccine content all day, every day.

  • My name is Kalina Koltai.

  • So these figureheads, who have a large platform ties, are often respected, and they also have the cultural competency to understand what is important, what are the values, what is necessary to make that information powerful and resonate?

  • It's a minority spreading these false messages most leaders in every faith are trying to do.

  • The opposite vaccine is a gift, but when religious leaders spread wrong information about vaccines, it can be powerful in India, this man suggests the vaccine is an international conspiracy to feed cows blood to Hindus.

  • But there's no cow's blood.

  • In Covid 19 vaccines, a Greek Orthodox bishop says slaughtered fetuses are used to make vaccines, but this emotive language is extremely misleading.

  • There were two fetuses aborted in the 19 sixties that are used to produce a cell line that's still used today in the process of making the activated virus that goes into the vaccine.

  • But that does not mean that they're taking aborted babies and putting it in your vaccines.

  • In Israel, a rabbi claims the vaccine will make you gay, which is nonsensical, I think all those things.

  • And in the us some evangelical Christians are debating whether vaccines are the mark of the beast, a sign of the devil and the end of times.

  • I think it's difficult for social media companies to figure out where is the appropriate moderation limit when it comes to religious content.

  • Even when negative messages aren't necessarily false, they can have a big impact.

  • Sitting in London, I received this message from a friend in Nigeria, but it came from Zambia, where the speaker, Nevers Mumba, is a politician and a former televangelist.

  • Zambia must not inject any vaccine in any Zambian body before stray gnaeus verification.

  • There's a danger when someone as influential as you spreads a message like this publicly, they undermine confidence in the vaccine.

  • Why did you feel the need to make this statement publicly?

  • I think it's my moral obligation as a leader to make that public because it puts our authorities, um, on alert to realize that we are not just people who receive anything that comes to us, but all we are saying to our people.

  • Make sure it is safe is pre regulation by the W h O.

  • That isn't enough by your standards?

  • Not at all, not at all.

  • When Pfizer hit London, London had to do its own verifications and ensure that they are satisfied.

  • Even if the intent of the person who is posting it is not necessary to spread this information, it can be interpreted as a message to not vaccinate.

  • Doctor Teddy Andrew Mulenga, Challenge Nevers member publicly asked him Why for us here, pastors, they are huge, following whatever they say is taken as gospel truth.

  • He believes that Zambia, like other countries have done, should trust the rigorous pre regulation to get the vaccine quickly.

  • There are more people listening to him.

  • It's crucial that religious leaders get vaccine messaging right.

  • Carol is very important for Muslim.

  • In 2000 and 18, the highest Muslim clerical council in Indonesia said a measles and rubella vaccine wasn't Hello.

  • Um, you I then issued a fatwa that this even it is not hello, but it still can be used.

  • But that makes message meant many parents refuse to vaccinate their Children.

  • Now with the coronavirus, they want to do things differently.

  • They put out a fatwa saying the covid 19 vaccines from Sinovac is hello.

  • Before the rollout in Indonesia began.

  • I think it's incredibly important for religious leaders to spread accurate and up to date information about vaccines and making sure that that information that they're spreading is relevant to their congregations because a delay in vaccinating means more lives lost.

  • We need the vaccine.

  • We need people to buy in.

  • Mm mm, yeah.

  • Mm.

  • Mhm.

get your chip when you get your covid vaccination, they want to alter us.

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The danger of religious misinformation around Covid vaccines - BBC News

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