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  • We're taking you to the King Edward seven Hospital in central London, where the Duke of Edinburgh is leaving after 28 nights in hospital.

  • And our reporter, Helen Wilkinson, is there.

  • Helen, what can you tell us?

  • Probably not.

  • Yes, Victoria, in the last couple of moments, also, a car has is leaving right now from this hospital in central London where the Duke of Edinburgh has spent the last month.

  • Now we haven't seen him in the car.

  • But there has been a huge police presence here.

  • Just after nine o'clock, police outriders arrived here at the hospital.

  • There have been police officers dotted around various corners on the streets, in the around the hospital.

  • What we saw in the last half an hour or so down the muse, which is a rear entrance to the hospital, which is where the Prince Philip was taken in when he arrived here a month ago.

  • There were some screens that were put up to obscure the view because as you, you can well imagine a huge number of photographers waiting to see if they can get a glimpse of Prince Philip leaving the hospital.

  • He wasn't seen as far as we know beyond those screens.

  • So whether he was taken into the car in a wheelchair, perhaps that we don't know at this stage.

  • And I think we can expect a statement from the palace at some stage in the next hour or so.

  • Um, the expectation is that if it is the Duke who has left the hospital, he will be going back to Windsor Castle, Which is where, uh, he has been isolating with the queen for the past year or so.

  • But in the last couple of minutes or so, we have seen a car leaving the hospital.

  • I think we can assume it would have been the Duke of Edinburgh, given the increased police presence here at the hospital and those screens going up to stop photographers getting a glimpse of Prince Philip.

  • But we haven't had any formal confirmation from the palace.

  • I think if he does go back to Windsor Castle, which is the expectation, then I think once he arrives back there, then I think perhaps we'll get some kind of confirmation from Buckingham Palace.

  • But the Duke of Edinburgh has spent a month here at the hospital.

  • You'll remember that he went in on the 16th of February.

  • He originally went in as a precaution because he was feeling a little unwell.

  • We were told he was brought here to the hospital for tests.

  • He was expected initially to stay for a couple of days, but that extended and he was then, we were told the following week, being treated for an infection.

  • He then was transferred to a specialist, NHS Cardiac Hospital, which had an ex excellent cardiac department, ST Bartholomew's.

  • And that's where the Duke of Edinburgh had a successful procedure to do with a pre existing heart condition, and he was also continued to be treated for an infection.

  • After that, he was brought back here to the King Edward, the seventh Hospital here in central London.

  • Again, we were told he was only going to be staying for a number of days, but that extended somewhat.

  • But we now in the last couple of minutes or so, understand that the Duke of Edinburgh has left King Edward the seventh hospital here in central London.

  • After spending a month here expected to go back to Windsor Castle, where the Queen is where they have been isolating for the past year, but again, just to stress.

  • We haven't had official confirmation from the palace yet.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Helena.

  • Let's talk to our royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchel.

  • So we haven't actually seen him in the car leaving, but would want assume that that was him leaving it.

  • And his treatment has been successful.

  • I think we can assume that that was him.

  • It has not, as Helena has been saying.

  • It has not been confirmed by Buckingham Palace, and I'm sure it will be half an hour or so until they get him safely back to Windsor Castle before they confirm that.

  • But all the evidence of the special escort bikers, police outriders, the royal vehicles, the fact that a screen was put up and you could just see the top of ahead, rather slowly going across into one of those vehicles, which then departed from the hospital.

  • And yes, I think it is reassuring news.

  • He's clearly well enough now, after 28 nights in hospital since his admission on the 16th of February, as Helena was saying, went in originally feeling unwell on the advice of his doctors.

  • Four nights, of course, at Bart's Hospital for this unspecified surgical procedure treatment for an unspecified pre existing heart condition.

  • We know no more than that.

  • Other than that at one stage he was said to be suffering from an infection.

  • Whatever it is that has occurred would evidently appear to have been successful.

  • And he is, we think not confirmed.

  • But we think now on his way back to Windsor, where in just about 12 weeks he will celebrate his 1/100 birthday.

  • That's right in June, and the queen has not seen him face to face.

  • For a lot of Prince Charles was the only visitor.

  • That's right, Yeah, and the queen has carried on.

  • And I think the important thing is that at no stage has there been any sense of serious concern or alarm.

  • There will have been concerned because he is so close to his 1/100 birthday and clearly somebody at that age going into hospital, that will always be a matter of concern.

  • But there has never been any outward sign of sharp concern of concern that this might result in a decline in his health, a serious decline.

  • Yes, as we think as we have been saying, this, we think is the car into which the Duke of Edinburgh stepped from the hospital just a few moments ago.

  • And one must assume that that vehicle is now on its way to Windsor to Windsor Castle, where the queen has been throughout these 28 days since he was first admitted on.

  • As I was saying, the 16th of February, there you just glimpse of one of the motorcycle outriders.

We're taking you to the King Edward seven Hospital in central London, where the Duke of Edinburgh is leaving after 28 nights in hospital.

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Prince Philip leaves hospital after a month - BBC News

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