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  • and it's been a remarkable year.

  • We've learned a lot about how this works.

  • We've made improvements, but it's still we see it's still impacting the sport and life in general.

  • J.

  • You were at the A C C tournament.

  • What what were those moments like?

  • It was starting to unfold and they had the ceremony for Florida State and stop to play there.

  • You know, it's funny reason it was almost like sports was late to the party in understanding what the world was dealing with and going to be dealing with going forward.

  • I mean, I remember thinking on Wednesday night before Rudy Gobert tested positive and sort of, the sports world started to wrap its collective head around this whole thing and and talking about the idea that wait a minute.

  • All the campuses that are playing in these conference tournaments have already shut down, the campuses are shut down and the World Health Organization declared at a global pandemic.

  • I mean, that was a big deal.

  • Rudy Gobert seemed to take a lot of the quote unquote blame for sports being shut down.

  • But But I think the World Health Organization declaring this a global pandemic was a pretty big deal too.

  • And I remember talking to coaches saying Hey on on that Thursday I talked to several coaches during the discussion and saying Hey, look, I don't care what the A.

  • C C decides we're not coming.

  • We're not going to be at the game today and you knew things were gonna fall apart pretty shortly a year later.

  • It makes us appreciate things we've taken for granted for a long time and it's great.

  • We had a season and it's great we're in championship week and it's great we're going to have a tournament.

  • But we also got to put things in perspective and I've challenged all the conference tournaments out there.

  • I think we should have a moment of silence, a moment of reflection prior to the championship games of all the championship games are going to be played across the country to reflect back on this past year and reflect back on the loved ones that we've lost.

  • The mothers, the fathers, the aunts, the uncles, the brothers, the sisters that have been lost to this pandemic, over 500,000 people, it is terrific, were playing ball and it's terrific that you know what?

  • These kids get a chance to go out and do what they love to do, despite all the obstacles and all the protocols.

  • But let's take a step back and reflect on the year and reflect on loved ones that we've lost.

  • And then you know what?

  • Throw that ball up and play like hell.

  • Well, said Seth, I can't help but celebrate where we are.

  • I mean, we're Americans.

  • We overcome, we, we take on things and it comes at us and we overcome it.

  • The fact that throughout all of those things that you've mentioned Seth, we've played around 80% of our games, and we're right at the front door of being able to go to the N.

  • C double A tournament.

  • I want to give kudos for all of these kids.

  • I'm a dad of a D one basketball players, so I'm keenly aware of the protocols that they've had to submit to swabs up their nose on a daily basis as of late isolation and hotels having their food delivered in bags at the door because they couldn't see anyone.

  • And the ice, the mental strain and the stress is incredible.

  • What these kids have had to endure.

  • And Reese, you asked earlier, Would it be a worthy?

  • I think because of all these kids what they've had to endure.

  • I think whoever is the champion is a very worthy champions, because I don't think any team in history has had to deal with the adversity that all these kids have had to deal with this year.

  • This is a great moment for us, and I'm gonna celebrate it with all these kids I can't wait to.

  • The tournament starts looking forward to it to funds as well.

  • And we all understand here scale and scope and perspective is Seth alluded to and that sports don't measure up to what people are going through in other aspects of their life.

  • It doesn't mean it's not important to the people involved.

  • So it's an opportunity for these young men and women to play in a tournament, something they've dedicated a lot of time and energy to.

  • And certainly while we continue to remember those who suffered real pain and loss, we also has fun, said celebrate with those who will be able to pursue their passions over the upcoming three weeks in the men's and women's N C.

  • Double A championship.

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and it's been a remarkable year.

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Reflecting on the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA tournament one year later | College GameDay

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