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  • We explain why the Web loves cats so much.

  • This is Jacob.

  • He spends a lot of time on the Internet.

  • He reads the latest news or plays online games with friends.

  • But while surfing the Web, there is one thing he cannot escape, especially on social media: cats.

  • Pictures, GIFs, memes, videoscats seem to be everywhere.

  • Jacob is amazed by the amount of content related to these felines.

  • He even read that cat videos have more views per video than any other category of YouTube content.

  • But why is that?

  • He asks psychology student and proud cat owner Julia why the furry little creatures are so popular.

  • Julia explains that virality often depends on emotionally compelling content.

  • Cat content provokes a strong emotional response through high physiological arousal.

  • People tend to share positive content more than negative or sad content, which provokes low arousal emotions.

  • Furthermore, cats are the perfect canvas for human projection.

  • We do not fully understand their odd behavior and find them fascinating, and sometimes we see a bit of our own behavior in them.

  • A rather obvious reason is that cats are simply cute and entertaining,

  • With their highly emotive and expressive faces, they're the perfect distraction from our busy lives.

  • You don't need any explanation or knowledge to understand the humor animals provide.

  • Funny cat videos also help people feel less anxiety, sadness, and annoyance.

  • Who could stay upset watching a little kitten chasing its own tail?

  • Jacob understands Julia's points, but there are plenty of other cute animals.

  • Also, he often finds that dogs are much nicer than cats.

  • What makes cats so special?

  • Julia has an explanation for this.

  • The Internet lives for weird things as people seek out the strange.

  • Cats are unpredictable and often get themselves into hilariously unexpected situations.

  • The element of surprise and cat content makes it so compelling.

  • So why aren't dogs ruling the Web?

  • It's easy.

  • They seem too eager to please us.

  • Dogs have been domesticated for some time and so can interact comfortably with humans.

  • Cats, on the other hand, are much harder to read and have never evolved to work with us.

  • Their unpredictable and seemingly arrogant behavior makes them so interesting.

  • Jacob finally understands the fuss about cats on the World Wide Web.

  • Not everyone who likes or shares cat content is a crazy cat person.

  • Cats are just hard to resist.

  • Already owning the Internet and with one more cat skeptic convinced, cats are one step closer to world domination.

We explain why the Web loves cats so much.

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