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  • - Have you ever wondered why banana flavoring

  • and candy or medicine tastes nothing like an actual banana?

  • This blew my mind when I found out.

  • So in the 1800s

  • when bananas were first being introduced to America

  • there were a handful of varieties

  • but one became super popular called the Gros Michel.

  • And that's because it made a ton

  • of fruit and was easy to ship all around the world.

  • And that is what artificial banana flavor

  • was based off of.

  • But the problem was decades later in the 1950s

  • a fungal disease basically destroyed that entire species.

  • And so as a result, this guy, the Cavendish became popular

  • because it was resistant to that fungal disease.

  • So every single time you taste banana flavoring,

  • you're actually tasting a banana of the past.

- Have you ever wondered why banana flavoring

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Why Banana Flavoring Doesn't Taste Like Bananas #shorts

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    Summer posted on 2021/03/15
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