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  • we're ready with the South region.

  • Now let's take a look at it and see what lies in front of the Baylor Bears.

  • Bears, of course, had the coded pause maybe haven't played as well since then.

  • Then they've got North Carolina and Wisconsin.

  • But the winner of that game, potentially in the second round.

  • Should it be, Carolina finds out it's a lot of size to deal with up front.

  • There's no question the best offensive rebounding team in the country guard play is improving.

  • They've had some issues with turnovers, but something kind of funky going on with Wisconsin's big guys.

  • And, uh, I see North Carolina advancing their Carolina with a very young team in Wisconsin, each one of those guys, whether driver's licenses for nine years, Villanova in went to Villanova playing without Colin Gillespie.

  • Now winter is a dangerous team.

  • You're talking about a team that plays fast.

  • They explode up and down in Florida, they got DJ Burns.

  • When he comes to the game, they slow down, punch it into him.

  • This team rebounds the ball toughness.

  • We don't know what Villanova is going to be quite honestly, after watching him in the big East tournament.

  • Winthrop's only lost one game and then Purdue taking on North Texas.

  • How about Johnny Jones?

  • No.

  • Johnny Jones, Texas seven.

  • He took North Texas to determine he'll be in a little bit later on, but Purdue and North Texas, the mean green getting in their North Texas is a good team.

  • Their patient.

  • They run the clock down.

  • They shoot about 38% from three, and they're solid Defensively.

  • Jamie on Hamlet is a good player, is their leading scorer.

  • Zachary Simmons is a very good defender from block shots and rebound.

  • They're very good.

  • They are aggressive defensive.

  • They tell people over about 21% of the possession.

  • Talk to Andy Kennedy today in that league, he said.

  • They're hard to play against.

  • You got to deal with Trayvon Williams, though, you hear talk about hard to play just about hard to play against one of the best big guys in the Big 10.

  • Best seed North Texas has ever gotten fourth time.

  • They've been in the tournament and 15 seed in their previous business, this time getting a 13 as they take on Purdue.

  • Let's look at the bottom part of the South region.

  • Now the next part of the bracket and the two seed there is Ohio State, and they take on Oral Roberts and Max Iceman's Who's the Nation's leading school?

  • 24 points a game and he can really roll.

  • But he is.

  • He's more of a one man show, so I tend to think that Ohio State is going to roll them.

  • That game will be played Friday between Ohio State and Oral Roberts, Florida and Virginia Tech.

  • A tough matchup there is the Gators, who kinda had up and down season, and the Hokies get in as a 10 seat.

  • I was surprised.

  • Virgin, Texas 10.

  • I thought they'd be a little bit better than that.

  • Virginia Tech.

  • Now they got that one earlier this season against a healthy bone over team.

  • Virginia Tech has a hardness about him and toughness about him and Kevin Luna.

  • He is a tough matchup, and those guards play downhill.

  • They defend their extremely physical and defensive, and where their toughness comes from is is Justin months?

  • Yes, and, uh, Radford Tyreese rappers.

  • I mean, those guys can really get to the rim.

  • Radford's a left hander and they're good passers as well, we've got Arkansas and Colgate funds.

  • You know Colgate Well, we've talked about what a good shooting team they are.

  • And this also saved the committee from having to deal with why Colgate was single digit team in the net rankings and yet really only played three teams in the regular season.

  • But good shooting team take on Arkansas squad that had a great run late in the season.

  • The SEC?

  • Yeah, this is an excellent offensive team for Colgate.

  • They run a little bit of backdoor action.

  • A lot of principles like that can really shoot the three ball.

  • Jordan Burns is a terrific point guard for them.

  • They're gonna have to control the pace against Arkansas.

  • Otherwise they'll get boat race as well.

  • Alright, Texas Tech and Utah State gets in after not winning the Mountain West Conference tournament.

  • So here's what you deduced right now, we haven't seen the whole thing, but Louisville, maybe Syracuse starting to sweat a little bit with Drake.

  • Wichita State, Utah State U.

  • C L.

  • A.

  • I think, after losing early in the Pac 12 tournament, also could be a team that's really worried right now.

  • Utah State's pretty good, pretty good to me is Keita can block shots.

  • He's a great defender on the interior.

  • Justin Bean is also a good defender who has really improved on the offensive end.

  • They're good.

  • They are a physical front court team.

  • They rebound the ball, they defend.

  • They play through cater.

  • They spread the court out there.

  • Not a great shooting team.

  • Compared to old Utah state teams.

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we're ready with the South region.

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South Region bracket breakdown | 2021 NCAA Tournament | College Basketball on ESPN

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