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hey guys its Jenn~ and today I'm going to be answering your would you rather questions
@ItsKira12 asked me: Jenn Would you rather be locked in an elevator for three days with no food, or make out with a monkey?
I would make out with a monkey because I would probably die without food for three days
and we all know that I'm a slut anyway so thats no problem (being sarcastic)
@Mikaelsargeant asked me would you rather have to bathe a homeless man with your tongue once or only wear the colour green for the rest of your life?
@Tommy_Gadd asked me: would you rather give up the internet, or your dog
sorry Mickey (her dog X'D) Oh my God that's horrible...haha
@Bridgeham asked me: would you rather go to Vidcon or Ellie Goulding concert?
as much as I love Ellie Goulding, I love vidcon even more so definitely vidcon
and just so you know vidcon 2013 is this August It's in Anaheim California and I'M GONNA BE THERE!!! so you guys should all come and meet me!!!
I'll put the link to the vidcon website in the description of this video so you guys can check it out and buy tickets to meet me and other cool youtubers
once again @Tommy_Gadd asked me: would you rather only being able to whisper or only being able to shout?
@Emily_andturtle asked me: would you rather still make videos that everyone likes or get paid $100,000 to quit making videos?
I'd rather still make videos.
@Ashley_Lawlorff asked me: would you rather follow me on twitter or kill yourself?
@DavidEvancho8 asked me: would you rather stay on the East coast or fly to California? (flyyyy ↑)
@Just4lawls asked me: would you rather drink pickle juice or eat mayonnaise?
drink pickle juice is actually pretty good is that weird? (i don't know...
@Savannazo1123 asked me: would you rather eat five live cockroaches or bath in a tub of maple syrup?
definitely bath in a tub of maple syrup cuz I cannot stand bugs at all!!!!
@annexxpeace asked me: would you rather be a bird so you can fly and shit on people you don't like or live forever to see the future?
definitely be a bird and to shit on people I don't like
@JacobDeleon97 asked me: would you rather have a rewind button in your life or a pause button?
definitely a pause button that would be so useful!
@Heyitsilly asked me: would you have a whole bunch of spiders crawling on you at night or dye your hair bright green permanently?
dye my hair bright green permanently i could definitely rock that look!!! BING!!
alright guys! thank you so much for asking me would you rather questions if your not make sure you follow me on twitter
my user name is @JENNXPENN and I love to answer your questions all the time and talk to you guys
and thats it for this video THANK YOU guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time BYE~~!!!
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7709 Folder Collection
Vivian Wang published on July 30, 2014    Vivian Wang translated
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