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  • Cam Newton.

  • Belichick signed him from one point seven five million in twenty twenty.

  • You know, Belichick does not over pay players and certainly doesn't overpaid quarterbacks.

  • He won't do it.

  • That's just not gonna do it.

  • He paid one point seven five million for Cam last year.

  • Did he get up one point seven five million in value?

  • He got more than that.

  • Now.

  • Just remember this about Cam Newton last year.

  • He was coming off of a catastrophic injury and he had missed the season.

  • Okay, that alone, you'd expect diminished returns.

  • But that wasn't all.

  • He was going to a brand new team in a new system that had run the opposite.

  • We'll have the opposite kind of quarterback as Cam for twenty years, but that's not all.

  • Because of Covid.

  • There were lots of guys who opted out on the defense, and it was a team built around defense before the season even started.

  • But that's not all.

  • Their best defender.

  • Gilmore also got hurt during the season and missed some games.

  • But that's not all.

  • Cam Newton himself got covid, but that's not all.

  • He didn't just miss a game.

  • The team couldn't practice the facilities were shut down.

  • And remember, it's a new team.

  • New systems coming off catastrophic injury.

  • Hasn't played in a year, doesn't know his teammates and couldn't practice.

  • There was addition to that.

  • They can't even do walk throughs and stuff like that.

  • But that's not all.

  • Cam suffered from a Covid fog for several weeks after the game he missed against Kansas City.

  • But that's not all the Patriots offense was so bad at make.

  • Tom Brady looked ordinary before.

  • He just had an MVP caliber year when you count the playoff run.

  • But that's not all.

  • If anything, the offensive Weapons were even worse than when Brady was there.

  • And in spite of all that Cam Newton one nine one seven games and came to plays away from winning nine, he won.

  • Now listen to the teams they beat.

  • They beat Miami Week one.

  • They lost to Seattle by a single play, a goal line stand.

  • Bobby Wagner, a great player, made a great play and stop cam at the goal goal line against Seattle.

  • Week two.

  • They beat the Raiders week three.

  • Then Cam got covid.

  • They lost to Casey, then he was in that.

  • Then they had to bad losses.

  • Denver and San Francisco, where Cam looked terrible.

  • And at the time I speculated, Is he going through some kind of covid symptom thing like lingering symptoms?

  • And a couple of weeks after that can pointed to those games said, You know, basically, he had that covid Fog that you read about the following week there at Buffalo.

  • His cam is stripped in the red zone.

  • Or else maybe they win that Buffalo game like that's two plays against Seattle and Buffalo that could easily turn those losses in to win one.

  • Playing each wins one playing each game.

  • Then they beat the Jets and they beat the Ravens.

  • They lost on the road to Houston.

  • Then they beat Arizona and destroyed the Chargers before they had a bad run at the end of the season.

  • What I see from the Patriots last year is a seven and nineteen that given all the issues they were dealing with, that was a remarkable season for them.

  • And that's seven and nineteen were two plays away from being nine and seven.

  • That was for one point seven five million.

  • Belichick just gave Cam fourteen million.

  • I mean, it's like eight million in I think it was eight and guaranteed another six based on incentives.

  • But for one point seven five, he got that camp.

  • What do you think is expecting for for eight to fourteen?

  • If anything, he's going to get more value than that.

  • That's an interesting move by Belichick.

  • He thinks he can make the playoffs with Cam Newton, and I agree with him.

  • I think based on what we saw last year from Cam, I'm expecting a much better year.

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Cam Newton.

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