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  • sustainability is generally associated to sustainable development, which is based on the three pillars model.

  • These pillars are the social, environmental and economic ones.

  • Oh, however, there have been increasing criticisms to this model, claiming that there is a fundamental element missing in it culture.

  • Cultural critiques to the three pillar model range from suggestions to include culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development to interpretations of the pillars as dimensions instead.

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  • In the dimensions approach, culture is perceived holding different roles such as culture in sustainable development, in which it holds an independent, supportive and self promoting role.

  • Culture for sustainable development, in which it works as a mediator among the other dimensions and culture as sustainable development, in which culture is an all encompassing dimension embracing all the other ones.

  • Mhm culture has also been explored in diverse levels of sustainable culture, cultural sustainability and cultures of sustainability.

  • These levels are, however, interdependent and interactive.

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  • Sustainable cultures require cultural strategies for sustainability in, for example, media channels to share the values of the cultures of sustainability, while cultures of sustainability demand fundamental shifts in communication for more inclusive cultural sustainability and sustainable cultures.

  • The importance of these debates is that they indicate the complexity of culture and how much of a role that plays in the possibilities of having a more sustainable world.

  • They challenge ready made models that try to reach a universal standardized application and claim for more integrative approaches in connection to local cultures and expertise, which embrace various particular worldviews, value systems and symbolic universes.

  • In this sense, sustainability can be understood as multiple processes of transformation not stagnated in a model.

  • It instigates self reflexive cultural practices and multiple understandings of development, not biased by economic standards of growth.

  • Yeah, it engages ethical practices, various forms of knowledge, making and sharing and constant questioning as its fundamental values.

  • Due to its very transformative and process, you equalities culture might not provide a renewed model for sustainability.

  • However, its importance lies exactly on challenging, ready made models and demanding openness and the practice of self reflection.

sustainability is generally associated to sustainable development, which is based on the three pillars model.

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The Importance Of Culture For Sustainability

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