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  • you're watching the ESPN Tournament Challenge Marathon presented by races back here on Bracketology.

  • Here are the number one seeds in the tournament Gonzaga, Baylor, Illinois and Michigan.

  • Now, only eight times since they started seeding have we had a one versus one in the national championship game.

  • The last time it happened was in 2000 and 17, North Carolina and Gonzaga.

  • So as you look at these 41 seeds and look at the path in front of them, the team that has the easiest path and the team that has the most difficult path to make it to the Final Four and perhaps a national championship who has the easiest path I still think Illinois has the easier path.

  • And I think about I love Oklahoma State.

  • I mean, I think they're a team that can make a run.

  • The issue as I look at Oklahoma State Baylor when they beat Baylor, this one guy on the floor that you don't have to really guard, that's flow.

  • Tomba.

  • Illinois has so many playmakers out there on floor guys who can make shots.

  • Kofi Coburn.

  • You can give it to you on the inside and then guys around who can make shots.

  • Carmelo can create his own shot and make shots for others.

  • So I think Illinois has the easier past path, even though they may run into West Virginia in the elite eight.

  • You know, I look at this.

  • I think that Illinois has the easiest to and the easiest three, but by far the hardest four in the Sweet 16.

  • I think so.

  • I mean, I think Gonzaga's got the best draw of the one seeds.

  • I happen to think Michigan's got the hardest path of the ones.

  • I agree.

  • I think it's gonna be really difficult for Michigan.

  • It's not just the Isaiah Livers thing.

  • Uh, you know, having, uh, Alabama in there.

  • You have to play in the elite eight.

  • I think it's a really difficult draw.

  • Look, it's always going to be difficult.

  • Thing is an easy path for anybody.

  • Easiest.

  • I'm cool with, but not easy.

  • Uh, but But I think Michigan got the roughest ride of any of the ones Michigan.

  • Think about this.

  • I got to go for the Big East Champion Conference tournament champion, the SEC conference champion in the Big 12 Conference tournament champion.

  • Those three teams that are obviously coming into the tournament on the high, I think.

  • Baylor I like Baylor's, I think, until they get to Ohio State, Baylor's got a pretty smooth sailing.

  • You got Nova is not No, but obviously North Carolina, Wisconsin, both of those a little bit erratic, to say the least, produces a dangerous team because Trayvon Williams and and that's a team that just doesn't beat themselves.

  • They've got a harness momentum, but I like Baylor's draw until they get to Ohio State.

  • But I think that Baylor matches up well with Ohio State because the job in China, Choctaw can mess around and move his feet well enough for E.

  • J Lo tell.

  • But I like the perimeter defense of Baylor.

  • If they're going to beat Baylor, what kind of team?

  • What characteristics?

  • And if does anyone in that bracket on either side, Upper upper lower had the characteristics that would give Baylor hard time?

  • The one team I would say, is Ohio State the reason you've gotta have guard play.

  • You've got to have guys that can pass a catch.

  • You got a versatility in your offense because the one thing about Baylor is one through four they're going to come at us and they have terrific guard for, so you've got to get to guard the ball and then you've got to be able to make plays.

  • And the thing about Ohio State is just a suing.

  • He's like a Swiss Army knife.

  • Obviously, Dwayne Washington knocks down jumpers.

  • You got C.

  • J.

  • Walker now healthy.

  • He's saying like he was playing more downhill and then Kyle Young can defend multiple positions.

  • So I like the versatility of Ohio State's offense.

  • I think they're the one team that could give Baylor the most problems, and everybody's a really bad shooting night away from losing.

  • But But they're they're a ridiculously good shooting team.

  • They shoot it.

  • Six different guys can knock down threes and knock down multiple threes in a game.

  • Maceio Teague had 10 threes in a game a week ago.

  • I just don't see them having a bad shooting night.

  • If you got two shooters, you can have a really bad shooting at.

  • You got six.

  • You're probably you're probably pretty good shape.

  • Myrrh comes off the bench yourself, 46 9.

  • Yeah, it's incredible.

  • Five guys, But every once in a while now, It's incredible the bad shooting night point.

  • You look at Michigan and I do think that Michigan has the most difficult path trying to get their Michigan had a horrific shooting game from the perimeter against Ohio State and still had a shot at the end of the game to win.

  • I mean, so that's a That's a big part.

  • I think of advancing this tournament to is finding ways to win when you don't have those good shooting nights that's at the top of the bracket At the other end.

  • The teams that just missed out on making the cut here are the teams that are in the alternate pool.

  • Louisville, Colorado State.

  • ST Louis an old miss, all sitting there waiting to see if someone can't participate in the tournament Tuesday night.

  • Six o'clock is the deadline for teams to be able to inform the they can't meet medical guidelines and won't be able to play.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

you're watching the ESPN Tournament Challenge Marathon presented by races back here on Bracketology.

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