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  • inhalers.

  • Professional career.

  • He won 62 of his 67 fights, including 52 by knockout, in his prime.

  • He was the undisputed middleweight champion for seven years in the eighties, defending it successfully 12 times.

  • He's also an international and world Boxing Hall of Famer.

  • And if you haven't already YouTube the Hearns fight and enjoy that first round Teddy Atlas has spent more than four decades in and around the sport of boxing.

  • Teddy, what will you remember most about Marvin Hagler?

  • Mm, He was real.

  • He was honest.

  • He was reliable.

  • It was what you wanted.

  • A friend.

  • What we want today in people, whether it's politicians, leaders, whatever it happens to be people that you can trust, you could trust every time he got that damn ring.

  • What he was gonna bring everything, everything.

  • And you can rely on them.

  • That's the strength.

  • Today, in the day of neon talents and flash and everything else.

  • This guy was an old frills.

  • He was dependable.

  • He was reliable.

  • He was solid.

  • He was as good as it gets.

  • He didn't come up with a silver spoon.

  • He had no school.

  • He he had those wooden things that they gave you in a good humor truck years ago to break into the ice cream.

  • This is a guy who knew that, too.

  • He got into an argument with his managers, his manager.

  • He was very loyal to them.

  • And on the way up he wanted to find all the best middleweights in Philly.

  • And the promoter said, Why does he keep coming here?

  • He's going to their hometown, the best fighters in the world.

  • And his manager said he insists on it because he wants to be the best because he wants to test himself because he wants to know, because he wants to forge himself in a fire to know that there's nothing but still when that fire is over and that's what he was.

  • That's what he was.

  • He was still he was Superman.

  • Punches bounced off him the way bullets bounced off Superman, and I know that I'm being a little bit obviously dramatic, but he deserves it.

  • That's how special he was.

  • He made himself that kind of man.

  • You know, again, it wasn't flash.

  • It wasn't all that other stuff.

  • He didn't have a gold medal from the Olympics.

  • He didn't have the big promoters at the beginning, giving them money.

  • But he had the desire to dream the will to be the best.

  • And he was great, one of the greatest middleweights of all time and one of the greatest southpaws of all time.

  • Who fights John based Mugabe when you don't have to?

  • When he was undefeated with all knockouts, he could not fall wolves down.

  • Who fights him?

  • Marvin Angle fights him.

  • Rest in peace, Champ.

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Teddy Atlas pays tribute to boxing legend ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler | SportsCenter

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