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  • these drinking straws made of reed reusable, biodegradable and their production is scalable.

  • Using great straw, you can use it up to 40 times.

  • On the island of Saramago, Estonia companies are busy harvesting fields of read, one of the island's main natural resources, And women like Kirstie Portal Papaya are taking the local and quickly renewable plants and turning it into plastic free straws.

  • And it looks nice.

  • Every straw is totally unique.

  • It's like a snowflake, Possibly.

  • Boyer is a marketing manager for Estonian straw producer Sue to her company is expecting to see growth in demand for read straws after the European Union announced a ban on single use plastic from July 2021.

  • For Puerto Boyaca, it's an opportunity to move the business from niche to mainstream.

  • This is our chance, so we will harvest more read and we will produce more straws.

  • And for this we have this automatic line which will help us to produce more.

  • This is a project that too, make straws.

  • In one shift, three million searcher recently invested in an AI learning production line, scans read to find the best parts to produce drinking stores.

  • They're also working with scientists to develop a bio composite material made of reed leftovers to produce plates, cups and other single use products.

  • And see you isn't the only player in the field.

  • Greater Ream is the CEO and co founder of straw company Soukhanov.

  • She says she started her business because it read was blocking the Cebu from her living room.

  • Her company currently produces straws by hand, but she plans to switch to fully automated production in the coming months.

  • Automating the process means that eco friendly straws will be cheaper to make, Ream says.

  • They will cost around seven cents each, which is about twice as much as their plastic counterparts.

  • We're doing the reusable straws from the lower part of the plant, the one which is usually grows underwater so it's much more thicker than the thickness of the wall is much stronger.

  • Uh, and you can put it in the dishwasher.

  • You can use it at least 50 times I have.

these drinking straws made of reed reusable, biodegradable and their production is scalable.

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