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  • um, this is a little bit out of outside bracketology.

  • But if you had to pick a Cinderella this year, who would it be and why?

  • Yeah, well, let's define two types of Cinderella, right?

  • There's there's the George Mason.

  • You know, double digit seed.

  • That goes a long way.

  • Even sometimes just the second weekend, right?

  • Like for a double digit.

  • See, the Sweet 16 is like their national championship, and and rightfully so rightfully so, Uh and and and teams in that range that can win.

  • I think our liberty.

  • Uh, unc Greensboro.

  • I mean, now we're you know, if Western Kentucky is going to be a double digit C and I have a lottery pick, so they're gonna be 12, and no, no five wants to play.

  • Yeah, that's correct.

  • That's correct.

  • So, uh, you know, and filling out that bracket just know you got to have a couple three double digit seeds playing in the second weekend or you're bucking history.

  • The other kind of Cinderellas are harder to find, get less attention, but will earn you more points, probably in most contests.

  • And those are what I call the down ballot teams from the major conferences who have huge wins in many cases, right, but finished fourth or fifth Like people forget.

  • Oklahoma State is the fifth seed in the Big 12, which is more common about the Big 12 than it is about Oklahoma State.

  • But, uh, so teams, you know that aren't the one or two, let's say in their leagues that could, you know, how about UConn?

  • Uh, right now they're playing great right now.

  • And, you know, I don't think James Book Night is Kemba Walker or even Shabbas.

  • A lot of people are right, but there's a little bit of a parallel there You have to pay attention to, don't you think?

  • I mean, the way he's funny?

  • You can carry them.

  • Yeah, and And you know, another team there.

  • There were points of time this year.

  • I I actually thought Tennessee was going to go to the Final Four like their their roster.

  • You know, their first six or seven, you wouldn't trade for many teams.

  • Every time I start to believe in them, they lay an egg.

  • You know, your l s u R auburn.

  • And it's just I'm off the bandwagon again.

  • Yeah, but there's going to be an off the bandwagon team playing in April or at least late March because there always is.

  • So I look for teams like that.

  • How about Colorado?

  • Nobody talks about Colorado, has a great senior.

  • McKinley, right?

  • Tad Boyle, the coach.

  • Very underrated, I think.

  • And you know, they play, you know, more of a traditional right?

  • Kind of and and that that has a way of keeping both teams in the game at the same time.

  • Metrics love them, right?

  • And then it's And then it's, you know, who wins the four minute game at the end.

  • Right?

  • And And they have the pieces to do that more than once or twice, I think.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.

  • Um, we talked about this a little bit before, and you mentioned UConn as one of these type of teams.

  • And, you know, I don't know if Tennessee will get here, but are there any under seven seeds?

  • You can see that seven or below that can make a run in the tournament.

  • Mm.

  • Well, you know, B y you could be in an eight.

  • Another game.

  • I think they should be a six or seven.

  • San Diego State is going to be in that range.

  • Uh, and and and they're good enough.

  • We mentioned Western Kentucky as as deeper Cinderella because, you know, they have a pro in the middle who who's, you know, going to be a millionaire in a couple months.

  • Um, those teams come to mind.

  • I'm thinking, Who else is in that room?

  • Well, this is crazy about Michigan State right now.

  • They've beaten three top 10 teams are top eight teams, basically, in the last two weeks.

  • I mean, beat you in two weeks.

  • I don't think any other double digit seeds that have done that, like maybe ever, in the run up to the tournament.

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um, this is a little bit out of outside bracketology.

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