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  • Are you more excited for March Madness?

  • Because Gonzaga is undefeated.

  • Yesterday on this program, I learned that Gonzaga was undefeated.

  • Who do barely you did anyway.

  • Yesterday was also the first time I watched Gonzaga played basketball.

  • I turned on my television.

  • It was on ESPN.

  • It was half time they were down by 12.

  • They had only been down by double digits four times in the last 10 years.

  • And then they blew BYU s doors off after that, right?

  • The difference between this Gonzaga team and all the other Gonzaga teams that you're probably thinking of, except for the most recent history they got dudes on this team like this isn't some plucky underdog story anymore.

  • Jalen Suggs is not playing for nobody's plucky underdog.

  • They have got players.

  • Is that going to be enough to get people to care about watching this tournament?

  • Not if they didn't care before.

  • Like the lure of an undefeated season builds.

  • As you go around by around.

  • Maybe once we get in the tournament, they'll be able to build up that narrative and people to get on it.

  • But honestly, we have done a poor job of selling the fact that something might happen this season.

  • That hasn't happened in 45 years, and people tend to build that interest when they're already bought in to begin with.

  • And for whatever reason, Gonzaga has been in one of those tears of programs that it takes a lot for us just to get the inertia to get to that point where we're invested right now.

  • And so I think, honestly for me as we get ready to head into March Madness, in a year where we've seen sports fandom overall tested in a lot of ways, as people's calendars have been thrown off their viewing habits and change, I would actually say the thing that's got me more interested in March Madness has been Juwan Howard.

  • What's going on at Michigan with that program?

  • The fact that that rivalry with Ohio State actually meant something in any sport in any facet at that school since the football rivalry wave bye bye to that a while ago.

  • I think the draw on that and the way that that now carries into the tournament and the Big 10 tournament coming up this weekend to me has been the thing that I know has drawn my eyes more and more to March Madness.

  • For me personally, finding out that Gonzaga is undefeated actually makes me less excited for March Madness, because I like to fill out my bracket with integrity.

  • And for me, integrity means filling out a bracket with absolutely zero knowledge of any of the teams or how well they're doing or the names of anybody playing on any of the teams.

  • I understand that's not everybody's way.

  • It's always been my way.

  • I'm comfortable with it being my way.

  • And the thing that stinks is I always have Gonzaga going further than everyone thinks they're going to go, which usually ends up benefiting me as people's brackets get busted.

  • And now Gonzaga is undefeated, so everyone's going to have them going really far.

  • And now I've got to pick another team to randomly throw my support behind, and I'll bet it doesn't have a fun Z in the middle, and that's just not as interesting for me.

  • And so, no, I'm bummed that they're undefeated because now who am I going to pick?

  • Here's what I do think Gonzaga can do to generate more interest, and by the way, I imagine a lot of people are learning.

  • Yes, the tournament is next week.

  • Here is what Gonzaga can do to get us some more interest.

  • They either need to get a whole lot more dudes that can duck or a lot more jerks.

  • I don't have anybody to love or hate in college basketball anymore.

  • After Duke decided that they weren't going to be obnoxious year after year after year, the whole thing lost a lot like Gonzaga.

  • We need you to do that.

  • Get some jerks on the squad.

  • What's your last name?

  • Is that Collins?

  • In the league, people always seem like they're trying to fight him.

  • Get more of those dudes, good dudes who are really obnoxious.

  • And I'm telling you, college basketball will be back in bright light.

  • Sweep the leg, Gonzaga, sweep the leg Or add another Z gone Zaza Oh, fine.

  • Or Gonzaga Gonzaga like you know what I mean?

  • Yeah, Gonzaga.

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Are you more excited for March Madness?

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Finding out Gonzaga is undefeated makes Katie Nolan less excited about March Madness | HQ

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