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  • The story is coming from Foxboro, where the New England Patriots are going to bring back Cam Newton.

  • They have resigned Cam Newton, who was with him for the last season, bringing him back on a one year deal, this first reported by The Boston Globe and confirmed by our Adam Schefter.

  • This does not, according to chef T, preclude them from making further moves to continue to add to their quarterback situation, but at least going into free agency next week.

  • Dan Graziano, That is set.

  • They do have Cam Newton.

  • Why was that important to at least have that piece taken care of before the new league year begins next Wednesday?

  • I think for a couple of reasons.

  • Greeny one.

  • Look, this is Cam Newton is an option.

  • They feel good about their experience with Cam Newton behind the scenes last year was a positive one.

  • They felt very good about how he fit in there, how hard he worked, and the feeling was mutual.

  • He enjoyed his experience there, so a reunion was always possible, and it makes some sense they don't know what they're going to be able to do.

  • A lot of people think they'll end up trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • But the 49 ers would tell you they don't want to trade Jimmy Garoppolo, so you can't count on that.

  • And you can't count on finding someone in the draft, given that they're not picking as high as some of the other teams that are looking for quarterback.

  • So this gives them an option.

  • I don't want to call him a fallback, obviously, but he's a potential option for them that they feel positive about, depending on how other things shake out for them at the quarterback position this off season.

  • And the other thing we're about to start.

  • Free agency players really like Cam Newton.

  • I mean, like, if you're trying to attract wide receivers and tight ends, Cam Newton is a guy that that means something to some of the players that are going to be on the market next week.

  • So, Bart, let me ask you, based on all of the history and what what little we were able to see last year?

  • Do you believe that if Cam winds up being the quarterback of the Patriots this year, they can win?

  • Can they win with Cam Newton?

  • Is their quarterback.

  • Well, they can win at their defense.

  • Turn returns back to their former before all the players opted out.

  • You know, to Graziano's point, this is just an insurance policy.

  • And then Bill Belichick has another option at $14 million.

  • You know, he they probably would trade him to Washington.

  • Um, a reunion with riverboat Ron, Um, this is just a one move on the chessboard gives them insurance, just in case they can't secure a veteran quarterback that they can bring in a young quarterback to kind of group behind him.

  • So I think this is an opportunity for Cam Newton to be the quarterback today, but I wouldn't be sitting.

  • I wouldn't be buying any permanent housing.

  • You know, I'll still be sitting in my town house because they can just as quickly given the Greyhound ticket the week after.

  • Yeah, you mentioned riverboat Ron.

  • Ron Rivera, the coach in Washington.

  • They need a quarterback.

  • Many people wondered if he would bring Cam Newton down there.

  • What do you think, Tim?

  • Yeah, to me.

  • I think this is a fallback.

  • It is an insurance policy, because look, when we see the numbers come in, I think they're gonna look similar to a deal that somebody like Ryan fit something like Ryan Fitzpatrick may sign like, I think that that's kind of what it will be in line with.

  • I'm sure to be a little bit more for camp, but that's probably what we're looking at.

  • Which certainly would still keep New England in the quarterback market beyond Cam Newton.

  • So look, I agree with the guys on this.

  • I think it's it's probably just covering some bases here.

  • And I think generally the experience with Cam Newton other than the production was relatively good.

  • So having someone like that in your quarterback room probably isn't terrible, either.

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The story is coming from Foxboro, where the New England Patriots are going to bring back Cam Newton.

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Cam Newton is re-signing with the Patriots on a 1-year deal | Get Up

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