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  • Oh time travel, it’s one of video gaming’s best friends – a way to fill plot holes

  • and tighten loose ends. Traveling through time can tie together all imaginable themes,

  • while still making sense of all kinds of things. You want sci-fi, with robots galore? What

  • about pirates or a Western? And let’s not forget the dinosaurs. The foot clan, Shredder

  • and Splinter, or how about being crush flat? Don’t worry, Turtles in Time has all of

  • that. But let me take you back in time to visit

  • the ghost of gaming’s past, back to the mystical year of our lord nineteen hundred

  • and ninety one – a year with great promise for fun. The Super Nintendo Entertainment

  • System had just been released and had a lot to live up to, no average beatem up would

  • do. The NES had some greats like Double Dragon and Battletoads. Luckily a new title would

  • deliver substance by the busloads – a game about some teenagers who happen to be mutants

  • and ninjas... and turtles I should add. This group of friends is still around even today,

  • proving theyre more than just a fad. They're also all named after renaissance artists so

  • they say, but that’s a time travel trip for another day.

  • Turtles in Time begins as things go awry, when Krang swoops in to steal the statue of

  • liberty from up high. Yes, Ledenardo I agree, a bloated bean bag

  • indeed. It’s time to stop these villains and their dastardly deeds. After choosing

  • your desired turtle, you jump right into the action and over many a hurtle. Youll have

  • to face off against plenty of bosses like Bebop and Rocksteady, but don’t worry, these

  • ninja turtles were born ready. With a nun-chuck, sword slash, drop kick,

  • or bash with your shoulder, the combat is still great fun even though I am now older.

  • It’s intelligent and easy to learn but hard to master. And, the combat looks great with

  • fantastic animations that might just bring you to laughter.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Time has familiar characters and a fun vibe, which brings the

  • whole thing alive. It’s an amazing 2D side-scroller beatem up, it’s a classic and, yes, you

  • should give a F%*k. So go blow the dust off your Super Nintendo Entertainment System,

  • you really won’t want to miss this one.

Oh time travel, it’s one of video gaming’s best friends – a way to fill plot holes

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