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  • It's about time you back the Brinks truck up.

  • Yeah, NBA Twitter is straight up drama.

  • There's nobody better suited to explain everyone's tweets than Kendrick Perkins himself.

  • Without further ado, Welcome to Master Perk Theater.

  • What's up, Sports Nation?

  • You know what time it is?

  • Time for Master Birth Theater Episode eight Let's get started.

  • King James himself, by the way at Damien literally in that Steph Curry 30 simply ain't fair.

  • I literally kept telling him to back up further and further to shoot.

  • And what did they do exactly?

  • Hand over the face?

  • Emotion?

  • A Braun you think you slick?

  • I see what you're doing right here.

  • I see what you're doing.

  • Look, I watched the All Star game and I saw you stuff and dame cheesing from ear to ear.

  • High five and one another And chest bumping and all that.

  • Don't you be tampering.

  • Now I know what you're trying to do.

  • Trying to team up talking about it was enjoy to play with one another and all that.

  • I get it, But I know you.

  • I know you.

  • I see what you're doing over there.

  • Carry on.

  • Next up, Baker.

  • Mayfield, Almost 100% m and I just saw a UFO dropped straight out of the sky on our way home from together.

  • We stopped and looked at each other and ask if either of us saw it.

  • Anybody else?

  • Witnesses.

  • Hey, Baker.

  • The only UFO that you have seen or been a part of is the UFO called the Browns.

  • Meaning y'all One hit wonder We saw y'all one time in the playoffs and then you're probably gonna disappear.

  • We probably won't see you all again, You know You didn't see no damn UFO Carry on.

  • Next up, Adam Schefter Cowboys are given that Prescott a four year $160 million deal, including a record $126 million guaranteed sources.

  • Tell ESPN it's about time.

  • Jerry Jones.

  • Look, I ain't mad at you.

  • It's about time you back the Brinks truck up.

  • But I'm happy that got his letters.

  • Okay, Tell him to bring me my money.

  • Carry on.

  • Next up.

  • Allen Robinson.

  • The second her sources, Andre Drummond will be signing with the next.

  • They get some reinforcement on the defensive end and the glass look for them to still be active around the trade deadline.

  • L O l.

  • I want to say to the dummies out there that actually thought that Allen was serious on this trick.

  • Shame on you.

  • Because you could never take someone serious.

  • Who put an l O L at the end of their tweet.

  • Okay, that's the first thing.

  • Second thing.

  • He's not going to the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Drumming probably will be a lake.

  • That's my prediction.

  • Carry on.

  • Next up, metta world beast.

  • No disrespect, but if Jordan didn't retire, he would have had 10 rings.

  • Hey, metta world peace.

  • One thing I know about you from watching the brawl at the palace is that I'm not a guy that's about to argue with you.

  • Okay?

  • I know if I see you in a fight with a bat, I'm just gonna pour honey on you because I know you want other fast to come along so you can whip them too.

  • So if you say Jordan to down 10 rings, then damn it, he should have 10 rings carry on.

  • And I appreciate you, my good people for watching this episode of Master per theater.

  • Mhm.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

It's about time you back the Brinks truck up.

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Kendrick Perkins breaks down tweets about All-Star, fake NBA trade news and Michael Jordan's rings

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