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  • should we read into Russell Wilson being snubbed in the Seahawks letter?

  • The season ticket holders?

  • All right, we have reached the point of the Russell Wilson saga where I see in the production notes his name.

  • I don't even bother to read up on the story because we don't even need to read up on it at this point, we know exactly what is going on here.

  • We have all the background and yes, fairly.

  • In the letter, they sent out the season ticket holders.

  • His name is not in it.

  • And should we read something into this?

  • Yeah, I think we should now granted, we tried to read into that not being in a video that the Cowboys put out a couple months ago, and they just backed up the truck for him.

  • However, Russell Wilson is the face of that team in the way that Dak Prescott, up to this point, has not been the face of the Dallas Cowboys.

  • It seems odd that his name would not be in it and what there is to read into it, not necessarily going to trade them or anything like that.

  • But there's beef.

  • These folks are not really getting along with each other.

  • I assure you that Russell Wilson read something into it, and I assure you that there was somebody at the Seahawks office that said, Should we put Russell Wilson's name and this and somebody was like, No, let them read on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • Is this something I'm not like a 7 6.5.

  • I do think that there's certainly trouble in paradise in terms of that union.

  • But the Cowboys just went off the board in terms of a team that Russell will be willing to be traded for.

  • So I think that the likelihood that this gets solved is higher than not.

  • I mean, if we look at the Cowboys as our cautionary tale, look at them without Dak this past year, Russell is still a huge part of what they do.

  • I mean, up until what Week?

  • Five.

  • This year.

  • Some folks will have him in the MPP conversation.

  • So this is something I do think that this is going to get solved.

  • Ultimately, Russell's, I just don't see Russell going anywhere.

  • He's been the face of the franchise forever, to Monica's point.

  • Cynical Wallace ain't walking through that door.

  • Seattle.

  • Um, what I think this is, I don't I'm not sure that we're reading more into this than we're reading into, like, this sort of back and forth that they've been doing through the media.

  • You know where Russell's like?

  • I don't want to be traded, but if I was going to be traded, this is what I would want and the teams I'd want to go to and, well, we don't want to trade for us, but we will be accepting phone calls should someone want to talk to us.

  • But this is the same sort of back and forth.

  • This is what they're doing.

  • They're sort of playing the public relations game, if you will.

  • I will say this when you read the headlines like somebody all making it out to be like they listed everyone on the roster and didn't mention Russia's name.

  • I mean, they mentioned two dudes who set personal records.

  • I would probably read more into it if they had said something petty like, and shout out to Russell Wilson for setting a single season.

  • Records and interceptions like that would have told me like me think this relationship is irreparable, but I think that they can find a way to sort of come to an agreement and Monica guests while the Cowboys are off the table.

  • Most people have believed all along it would have to be the Chicago Bears.

  • That would go all in for Russell Wilson.

  • The truth of the matter is, give the man whatever you need to give the man, because despite the fact that he consistently ranks in the top three and typically is the most pressured quarterback, he still did have some personal milestones last season where he said, Completion percentage records.

  • Um, he was throwing the ball more than ever.

  • And he did, of course, turn the ball over more.

  • But the end of the day, we're gonna start doing this Dak Prescott thing with Russell Wilson.

  • And I got to be honest, I'm not here for it.

  • Like call me when they make an actual decision.

  • But reading into press releases.

  • Come on, y'all.

  • But at least with the Cowboys and press guy, we just didn't want to believe both sides, but they both made it clear we both want this to happen.

  • We knew that for fat repress got into Cowboys.

  • The thing that you mentioned that's so interesting is this is the most passive aggressive public beef that I can think of.

  • I can't think of a time that a guy didn't demand the trade but had a list of teams to be like.

  • When?

  • When?

  • When?

  • When, When has that ever happened?

  • No, I don't want to be traded.

  • But here's my list.

  • What are you guys doing?

  • Either stay or go.

  • Make it happen.

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should we read into Russell Wilson being snubbed in the Seahawks letter?

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Should we read into Russell Wilson being left off of a letter to season ticket holders? | HQ

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