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  • Yeah, the city and the man.

  • Mana.

  • Uh, here, son Mike, stand against India.

  • Long has to work Familia Ph.

  • This vast corner of Mozambique has basically been emptied out by terror.

  • You've got a real sense here of the scale of the conflict and also how quickly it's accelerating.

  • This camp alone had about sixty thousand people in it three months ago.

  • Today it's doubled in size.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's fine.

  • The situation here in Palmer really is very grim, and you can see the frustration and the desperation amongst local people because there's simply no food.

  • And what food there is is incredibly expensive, very, very angry.

  • I'm very angry.

  • I have three days without eating nothing and I'm here, but I don't get nothing.

  • As we flew out of Palmer, we saw this multibillion dollar gas project.

  • Mozambique is fantastically rich in resources, but very little of that wealth seems to get passed on.

  • That causes resentment which Al Shabaab is obviously exploiting.

  • And in the meantime, people are still fleeing from the violence, a lot of them escaping by boat, heading to beaches further south.

  • I'm right.

  • The horror stories that families are bringing ashore here are chilling.

  • People are desperate, People are terrified.

  • But they're also baffled, baffled by a conflict that seems to have come out of nowhere, which makes so little sense to so many people here.

  • And this is a region that is known its fair share of conflict, of corruption, of inequality over the years.

  • But Cabo Delgado, who is suddenly in the space of two or three years, been transformed into this horrific conflict zone, a conflict that really nobody saw coming.

Yeah, the city and the man.

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