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  • right, Thank you.

  • U.

  • S President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law his one point nine trillion dollar covid relief bill, one of the largest economic stimulus measures in American history and Biden's first major victory in office.

  • And I believe this is, and most people I think do as well.

  • This historic legislation is about rebuilding the backbone of this country and giving people in this nation working people, middle class folks, uh, people who built the country a fighting chance.

  • That's what the essence of it is.

  • The American rescue plan provides direct payments of fourteen hundred dollars to most Americans, three hundred and fifty billion dollars in aid to state and local governments and increased funding for vaccine distribution.

  • Forecasters expect the measure to supercharge the U.

  • S economic recovery.

  • Approval in the Democratic controlled House came after weeks of partisan debate and wrangling in Congress and despite the fact that not a single Republican lawmaker voted for the bill in either chamber.

  • Even though it is popular among Americans, the people out there made it clear they strongly support the American rescue plan.

  • From the get go, Democrats were eager to get a final bill to Biden's desk for his signature before the current enhanced federal unemployment benefits expire on Thursday.

  • Their hopes were realized, with Biden putting pen to paper in the Oval Office ahead of an evening speech where he is set to mark the one year anniversary of the U.

  • S coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

  • What I'm talking about tonight is the impact on the virus and how we're gonna end this pandemic.

right, Thank you.

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