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  • the family of Sarah Everard has tonight pay tribute to her, saying she brought so much joy to their lives and that she was a strong and principled person who was a shining example to war.

  • The 33 year old was last seen over a week ago, walking home from a friend's house in Clapham in south London.

  • Today, police continued searching woodland in Ashford in Kent, where human remains have been found Serving officer in the Metropolitan Police, arrested on suspicion of Ms Everard murder remains in custody.

  • Earlier today, he was taken to hospital after suffering from head injuries.

  • Well, our special correspondent Lucy Manning.

  • Is that Scotland Yard for us tonight, Lucy?

  • Well, the Metropolitan Police is facing serious questions and facing a number of investigations by the police watchdog over this missing person investigation because it was revealed tonight that the suspect, the serving police officer, had been accused of an indecent exposure at a fast food restaurant in south London just three days before Sarah Everard disappeared to other Metropolitan Police officers are now being investigated about their response to that accusation and the Met police also facing a watchdog investigation after the suspect sustained a serious head injury in custody and that will have to be investigated.

  • He was taken to hospital.

  • How that happened.

  • All this on the day that the family of Sarah, uh borrowed, tried to explain just how much they had lost.

  • How do you encapsulate 33 years?

  • Sarah of Arad's family tried bright and beautiful, a wonderful daughter and sister taken from us, they said in a statement.

  • They added, She was kind and thoughtful, caring and dependable.

  • She always put others first and had the most amazing sense of humor.

  • She was strong and principled and a shining example to us all.

  • They pleaded for the public to help with more information about what happened to Sarah after she disappeared last week.

  • Walking to her house in south London.

  • In Kent, police officers brought flowers to the gates as another policeman sits in custody, still being questioned about kidnap and murder the flowers from the public and attempt to give some comfort to Sarah's family.

  • How could the simple act of a woman walking home bring a massive police investigation to the remote countryside of Kent, where human remains were discovered yesterday?

  • This quiet rural road in Ashford, now the scene of intense police activity, forensic teams spread out across a wider area.

  • Divers and their equipment were brought in in this truck to help the search, and portable officers brought in suggesting a lengthy investigation.

  • The suspect to live 30 miles away from where police are searching a police diplomatic protection officer in his forties and arrest that has sent shockwaves through the force we now know.

  • Just three days before Sarah disappeared, police received a report alleging he had exposed himself in a restaurant.

  • Officers today also searched an old garage in Dover, where he used to work, and that his family used to own.

  • The police are determined to do everything they can to find out what happened to Sarah Everard from the moment she went missing, not just for her family's sake, but for all the women who feel unsafe walking alone at night.

  • It is a disappearance that has touched many.

  • The prime minister said he was shocked and deeply saddened, and that all the answers must be found.

  • The question for many is why they still feel so unsafe.

  • A private ambulance came onto the search site, removing their caps the officers gave their utmost respect for Sarah's parents, sister, brother and partner.

  • It is, as the head of the Metropolitan Police said, every family's worst nightmare officer, as many people over the last week as have hoped for Sarah Girard's return.

  • They got to learn a little bit about her that she was from York at Durham University, graduate, a marketing executive.

  • But it's clear that to her family she was so much more.

  • We are very proud of her.

  • They said she brought so much joy to our lives.

  • Lucy, thank you for that.

  • Lucy Manning there at Scotland Yard.

the family of Sarah Everard has tonight pay tribute to her, saying she brought so much joy to their lives and that she was a strong and principled person who was a shining example to war.

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