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  • two weeks away from the NBA trade deadline.

  • We've already had a big name on the move, or at least the beginnings of Spurs saying Wednesday.

  • LaMarcus Aldridge won't return to the team.

  • It's ESPN is a dream or Janowski reporting.

  • San Antonio is in potential trade talks, hoping they can find a deal and avoid a contract.

  • Buy out seven times in All Stars, that $24 million expiring contract that is huge and as soon to be former coach who wishes him nothing but the best.

  • He's been a great teammate.

  • He's done everything we've asked and, uh, at this point just like to do something that will work for him as much as for our clone because he deserves that.

  • Gregg Popovich, their senior NBA writer.

  • Brian Wimhurst is with us on SportsCenter AM Brian.

  • What are you hearing about where Aldridge could end up?

  • Yes, so we're over the next two weeks.

  • We're gonna hear a lot about power forwards because they're very desired in the market, and we're also going to hear about the cost of renting players.

  • And that's where democracy Aldridge fits a power forward who is available for rental, who makes $24 million.

  • It's a very hard trade to put together.

  • There's only a few teams.

  • It really can do it in a straight up trade.

  • One of them is the Boston Celtics.

  • Over $28 million trade exception.

  • They could do it very easily.

  • The problem, Randy, is that do they want to use that trade exception on a guy?

  • They may only have a couple of months, so if he doesn't end up getting traded, we could see him get bought out two weeks from now.

  • And then you will see a free for all trying to get LaMarcus Aldridge.

  • The Lakers could be in that game.

  • The Phoenix Suns, where he almost signed a few years ago, could be in that game.

  • Even the Portland Trailblazers, where he started his career, could be in that game.

  • In addition to the Celtics at that point, yeah, reunion of sorts, right?

  • With Damian Lillard and everybody in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Speaking of uncertain futures here, Kyle Lowry's name has surfaced in recent weeks as a potential trade target.

  • How would you describe the likelihood that he gets dealt by March 25th?

  • This is the biggest question probably facing the NBA leading up to the trade deadline because this is a player who absolutely is a game changer in the NBA, potentially for a contender.

  • And the thing about it is the Raptors are kind of on the fence there.

  • A team that's, uh, got some some opportunities to advance in the playoffs.

  • And Lowry, I think, would like the Raptors to maybe trade for a piece.

  • But if that doesn't happen, he absolutely could be on the move and the team to watch.

  • There would be Philadelphia.

  • Philadelphia is a team that can make the best offer for him, so keep an eye on that.

  • Maybe not today.

  • Maybe not tomorrow, but certainly by a week from now, another team that's going to be selling that we think, for sure, the Houston Rockets Victor Oladipo is absolutely available.

  • But again, a rental player.

  • How much do you pay for a player that you may only have for a couple of months?

  • Oladipo.

  • In talking to league executives, they believe he could go cheap.

  • The other would be P.

  • J.

  • Tucker, who is a player who's been on the market for weeks with no resolution.

  • But I expect he could trade it.

  • The guy who is getting the most calls is the youngest guy in this group again, versatile power forward John Collins from the Atlanta Hawks.

  • This is a guy that is a free agent to be.

  • The Hawks may or may not pay him.

  • They have been getting a steady stream of calls.

  • This would be a big price, uh, that they would be asked to pay here.

  • So I don't know if they can find a deal, but they're gonna get calls all the up until the deadline.

  • And one buyer that we should watch out for are the New York Knicks.

  • They've already made one additional trade and to get Derrick Rose and they're out there looking in the market.

  • They have three picks in this draft, including a very high second round pick in the Detroit Pistons second round pick that they own.

  • And the expectation, with $15 million in salary cap space and using one of those pics, is that they intend to add to try to make sure they can make the playoffs.

  • Right now they're in.

  • I mean, season doesn't end in March, but we talked about 1/5 place New York Knicks team.

  • Currently one game over 500 that is Brian Winters talked about the Knicks being buyers on SportsCenter.

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two weeks away from the NBA trade deadline.

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