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  • - [Male Narrator] Elisa was someone who I'd never met.

  • Why do I feel like I've just lost a friend?

  • (soft piano music)

  • - [Female Narrator] Bless the internet.

  • People can really be themselves.

  • Also, this is way cheaper than paying for a therapist.

  • - [Male Narrator] She was writing for years,

  • and I was just trying to understand

  • who she was as a person.

  • - [Female Narrator] Tumblr, I am so grateful I found you.

  • You remind me the world is big,

  • and I have a place in it somewhere.

  • - [Male Narrator] There's just something about her honesty

  • that came through in her writing.

  • - As you read her Tumblr and you understand her,

  • because she bared her soul in these posts.

  • - [Stephanie Harlowe] She was a big Harry Potter fan.

  • - [Male Speaker] She was obsessed with "The Great Gatsby".

  • - [Stephanie Harlowe] You could tell she was

  • an introvert at heart, and you know, needed to be creative,

  • and write, or read, or reflect on things.

  • - I think we got cheated

  • of a brilliant writer in the making.

  • - [Female Narrator] I suppose, we roam on the internet

  • because we aren't able to find in our physical lives

  • the human connection we need for survival.

  • So, we search endlessly, online, alone.

  • - [Male Speaker] We also know

  • that she had her struggles with depression.

  • - [Female Narrator] Apparently, I'm bipolar.

  • Can I just inhabit someone else's brain?

  • I just wish someone around me could understand.

  • Depression sucks, period.

  • If someone says to you that they have depression,

  • don't ask why.

  • There is no why.

  • Tell them every day you love them.

  • Remind them every day, "It will get better."

  • - I think that Elisa was a bright young woman

  • with a bright future, doing the best that she could

  • to manage her chronic illness.

  • - [Female Narrator] I am so much more than that.

  • I do have amazing, beautiful things in my life.

  • I am so very full of... love.

  • - [Female Speaker] She may have thought that

  • if she could travel by herself,

  • and she could have this adventure,

  • that means that she was normal, that she was capable.

  • - [Female Narrator] I want to get away, travel.

  • - She was looking for happiness.

  • She knew the version of herself that she wanted to be.

  • - [Female Narrator] I will put things in perspective

  • and remind myself, you are strong,

  • you are capable, you are special.

  • - People are still reading her blogs

  • and commenting on her blog posts.

  • She's making an impact to this day.

  • - [Female Speaker] You've touched many lives Elisa,

  • probably even saved a lot of people too.

  • - [Young Female Speaker] You give me hope.

  • - [Older Female Speaker] Knowing you,

  • now I know someone understands me.

  • - [Male Speaker] My only regret is not finding you sooner.

  • - [Female Speaker] I will not forget your story, I promise.

  • - Elisa Lam brought us together,

  • and thanks to Elisa, I realized we're not alone.

  • We are not alone.

  • (soft music)

- [Male Narrator] Elisa was someone who I'd never met.

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Who Was The Real Elisa Lam? | Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel | Netflix

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