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  • Kevin Arnold bits explaining why NBA insiders are saying that the amount of threes taken in today's game is reaching a critical mass.

  • That is over on ESPN dot com and check out these numbers, including the playoffs.

  • 61 games in NBA history have featured at least 93 point attempts.

  • 45 of those 61 have occurred since the start of last season, According to ESPN Stats and Info.

  • The three pointer now represents about 40% of all field goal attempts, which is up 61% from if we go back like 10 years basically so really excited to have Robert Anthony here for this topic.

  • Because, look, Robert, you played with the three point line your entire career.

  • You hit some huge threes again.

  • His nickname Big Shot Rob just saying.

  • But the volume back then was nowhere near what we're seeing in today's game.

  • So how many threes is too many threes for you?

  • I think for me 30 is that tipping point, and for me, I'm watching the game now and it's kind of like who is not a three point shooter.

  • You have these big that, uh, cannot shoot threes and shoot threes.

  • Yes, I know three is more than two.

  • We learned this in preschool, and it's just but it doesn't really matter if you three for 10 and you can't shoot it.

  • Everybody thinks that's good.

  • That is poor.

  • You gonna shoot?

  • You gonna shoot 10 threes, you got at least make six.

  • That means you're hot.

  • So I am just I just can't do it.

  • All these guys are shooting three.

  • And I blame Steph.

  • And I blame Damon because after watching you, they take you to a whole new level now.

  • But you know, the three game has messed up the game because now everybody thinks they can shoot it.

  • Go back to being Joel MB.

  • You see what he's doing?

  • I know he shoots a couple, but he's making his bread and buddy in the paint.

  • Mhm.

  • Look, I'm trying to get like Robert, Okay?

  • I'm trying to get that three in my arsenal.

  • And when I think about this three point explosion, I think it's more so obviously a product of analytics the last few years.

  • But this season, especially, let's talk about it.

  • With that short turnaround, a lot of teams might be a little bit more guest right there, trying to make a point.

  • So if I'm a coach, you know, I'm probably telling them, Hey, we're gonna shoot threes And then, you know, look to get to the rim.

  • Not necessarily like doing too much in the mid range.

  • And so that's a strategy that I've heard from my personal coaches say, Hey, we're on a back to back.

  • Let's line it up.

  • Let's spread the floor.

  • Let's keep the ball moving Attack the room when you have a lane But let's let's try to find each other from three.

  • So I do think that this season it's interesting with the number, But overall, I'm not surprised.

  • And that's because the way the game is right now, raped and robbed like it's crazy.

  • You can't be a player without incorporating.

  • The three point shot is a part of your arsenal.

  • You know, that's just the standard for players growing up right now.

  • That's what you're forced to be able to do.

  • You know, maybe you're the small ball five right or the one center, but people expect you to not use that as a weakness as a part of your game and So the threes are here to stay.

  • I think for the future, every Hooper that's about to develop and grow, they're going to have to have that three point shot is a part of their arsenal.

  • I was a part of, like maybe the last.

  • You know, the kids that played outside, you know, we could be opposed and all that type of stuff and you can just bang at the rim.

  • The game has changed, and I don't think it's going back.

  • We'll look.

  • Yeah, we can tell Robert what I what I always say in these discussions.

  • Yes, three is more than two, but two is more than zero.

  • So if you have a good shot, that's a midnight shot or close to the hoop.

  • You should also just take that one.

  • I do, I will say is a fan.

  • It is fun when Damian Lillard, Steph pull up from where they pull up from because they make the baskets I'm running guys, Chuck do right in the All Star Game.

  • We should get a four pointer.

  • At least Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Kevin Arnold bits explaining why NBA insiders are saying that the amount of threes taken in today's game is reaching a critical mass.

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