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  • Mm.

  • Good evening.

  • This is the BBC World Service News.

  • I'm Ed Mitchell.

  • The headlines tonight the 11th of March 1991 the day the BBC took the plunge into international TV news.

  • And what a year it turned out to be the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the first Gulf War, the start of the Balkan conflict.

  • Not to mention IRA attacks here in London, the very first website created and the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Well, that went to the pro democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi.

  • And that was just the start.

  • Tonight.

  • The Gorbachev era has at last come to an end.

  • I, Nelson Mandela.

  • Every day of every year, we've shone a light on our world on your world, faithful to the Republic of South Africa, highlighting events for the better and for the worse events which fundamentally changed our world.

  • We've grown up with leaders like these.

  • Where are you from?

  • BBC.

  • Here's another beauty.

  • It's a good line.

  • We've held them to account.

  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • I'm Matthew and Mary Water.

  • As the United States prepares for a new president, we've broken the big stories.

  • Information disorder.

  • Who can you trust?

  • Sort out the truths behind them, with nearly 200,000 people now displaced by the fighting in south Sudan brought our own insights to bear.

  • And while our values are permanent, our style has changed, and these latest pictures give you an idea of the scale of what's happening.

  • BBC World News tells more of your stories through your eyes.

  • Images witnessed and shared by you, delivered within moments to a global audience begin a long goodbye from our home for the last two decades here at Television Centre.

  • And don't forget the transition to our new premises with new technology, new cameras, some were the mind of their own.

  • Hello, that you've gone.

  • It's funny.

  • I always a pleasure to have you one off moments that only live TV news can deliver and we can never forget.

  • Well, no.

  • 30 years protecting and enhancing the finest reputation for impartiality.

  • The police do not have this demonstration under control.

  • Trust residents have been in quarantine for nearly two months now and truth accusing the foreigners, including foreign media, conspiring against Egypt.

  • And so we have to leave.

  • It's getting violent.

  • That is where we have not changed.

  • There's this extraordinary effort to stop documenting any of it every year throws up unique challenges, none more so than this covid year.

  • But throughout the nineties, the noughties, the teens and the twenties BBC World News has been telling it like it is so on our big birthday, from us to you, happy 30th.


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