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  • serving Metropolitan Police officer has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the disappearance of a woman in south London a week ago.

  • Sarah Everard, who was 33 was making her way home from a friend's house.

  • The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick, revealed tonight that what appeared to be human remains have been found near Ashford in Kent, but those remains have not yet been identified.

  • Dame Cressida said that the news that the man arrested was one of her officers had sent shockwaves and anger throughout the force.

  • Let's have this report from our special correspondent, Lucy Manning.

  • Sarah ever had described by her family as amazing, lovely, fantastic.

  • For a week, they clung onto hope she would be found alive off this beaten track.

  • Surrounded by woodland, police searched all day as one of their own colleagues sat in police custody on suspicion of her murder and kidnap.

  • This evening, detectives and search teams investigating Sarah's disappearance have found, very sadly what appears to be human remains.

  • The discovery was made in an area of woodland in Ashford in Kent.

  • The news today that it was a Metropolitan Police officer who was arrested on suspicion of Sarah's murder has sent shockwaves and anger through the public and through the mat.

  • Sarah Everard was last seen a week ago, walking from a friend's house in south London to her house, as many women do on many nights out walking alone.

  • She didn't make it home.

  • The police officer under arrest is in his forties.

  • His house in Deal in Kent was also searched.

  • Police removing a car.

  • He was a diplomatic protection officer.

  • But instead of protecting embassies, he's facing questions about a possible murder.

  • A woman was also arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

  • About four o'clock in the morning, I heard car doors banging because I just assumed it was like night workers.

  • They people going to bed, go to work and then I just saw some activity with police down there.

  • Sarah, a marketing executive, had been at her friend's house only Thwaite Road, close to Clapham Common in south London.

  • She left there at around nine in the evening to return to her home in Brixton and hours walk away.

  • Police believe she made her way across Clapham Common.

  • This footage, from a doorbell camera showed Sarah on Pointers road at around 9 30.

  • It's the last time she was seen her family still want people to come forward to help the police with anything they saw that night.

  • The policeman arrested was Scotland Yard said off duty at the time of her disappearance, and it is not known if he was or wasn't connected in any way to Sarah.

  • She was just 33 years old, just enjoying London life, then walking home.

  • How could that end here, where the week long agony of her family is only intensified.

  • But when a woman disappears after walking home alone, so many people, women especially, hold their breaths hoping that that person will be found.

  • It seems tonight, after the searches in these isolated dark fields that everything Sarah's family will for their hope that she would be found, it seems that that has not been possible.

  • It was an ashen faced commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, now leading a murder inquiry where the main suspect is one of her own officers, Lucy.

  • Many thanks again for the latest There include Lucy Manning, our special correspondent, just to recap in her statement this evening, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, Dim Cressida Dick said that Londoners should know.

  • It was incredibly rare in her words for a woman to be abducted from the capital streets, and she said her thoughts very much were with Sarah Evraz family.

  • Let's go to Scotland Yard and Our Home Affairs correspondent, Daniel Sanford Daniel.

  • What's the latest that you have for us there?

  • Well, first of all, that I think there is an urgent sense here of a need to reassure the people of London that it is extremely rare for people to be abducted by strangers.

  • Rarer still, for there to be an abduction that turns into a possible murder.

  • And, of course, if a police officer is involved, that would essentially be unique.

  • The other word that's being used around here this evening, as well as reassurance and shock, is betrayal, because although this investigation could take another path after all, nobody has yet been charged.

  • If it does turn out that a police officer has been involved, then there will be a very strong sense of betrayal from the very top of this organization down to the rank and file, a sense that they would have been portrayed and that the people of London above all would have been portrayed because they feel a deep sense of pride that their job is to protect the people of London.

  • And now here's one of their own officers suspected of doing the exact opposite in the worst possible way.

  • Daniel, Many thanks Daniel San for the home affairs correspondent there at Scotland Yard.

serving Metropolitan Police officer has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the disappearance of a woman in south London a week ago.

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