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  • thank you.

  • I think it's time for us to hold the monarchy to account.

  • I mean, it's clear that Harry has a very good relationship with his mother with his grandmother, the queen.

  • And as I've just recently said, Let's let's applaud the queen when she's done something right.

  • But I think it does call the question what she did or did not do for her grandson, when all of the things he shared today was not new to either Prince Charles, principal of Prince William or the Queen.

  • The fact that you know the royal family failed to protect this couple from racist coverage from the from death tracks.

  • The fact that the experiences Harry and Megan had within the family led to Megan having suicidal thoughts being lonely, it means that somebody dropped the ball.

  • And let's let's also be clear now when we talk about this issue, particularly the issue of members of the royal family having conversations about the colour of Archie skin that is racist, it is for those who would like to see that as, oh, it's just family having a conversation.

  • No, it's not.

  • And that that kind of thinking normalizes racism.

  • My opinion on the whole thing was, I just couldn't see the point of it.

  • Dr Schuler says that Meghan and Harry had no choice but to step back.

  • That may well be the case, but they certainly had a choice as to whether to speak out or not.

  • And everyone has been saying, Oh, well, they look so happy now And they were so respectful to the queen.

  • I couldn't disagree.

  • More happy content.

  • Peaceful people do not seek revenge on their family on on an institution and to say they respect their grandmother, Harry's grandmother, the queen.

  • This whole interview was an exercise in disrespect of the monarchy.

  • It was a very soft serving, soapy interview in Megan's Favor.

  • Nobody asked her about her relationship with her father.

  • Nobody asked her the astonishing fact that she only had one member of her family at her wedding.

  • This is a woman who seems to make a habit of falling out with people, but none of Megan's real behavior was questioned.

  • It was an absolute exercise in torching the House of Windsor, and I came away with a very distasteful taste in my mouth.

  • There was that excitement right at first like, Hey, this is a fairy tale And it was beautiful And the dresses, the beautiful gowns.

  • As Aretha Franklin would say, All that was great.

  • Um, but I was a little worried, so seeing it in the flesh and seeing the details of what actually happened to her in the trauma that she experienced was very, very revealing and sobering for sure.

  • I think that's what was very, you know, reflecting of this interview, right?

  • A lot of people could relate, and you saw that.

  • Hey, if she can deal with these things where she's in a position of power, in a sense, right or at least married to a position of power, if that is true and she can still experience these things, of course that that kind of, uh, that ideology trickles down to people who are less fortunate and more oppressed.

thank you.

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