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  • My story begins when I was a young boy.

  • You'll be comfy here.

  • In your mama's old room.

  • I'd do anything for her to be here right now.

  • Grandma was a tough lady with a big heart.

  • And little by little...

  • she brought me out of my sadness.

  • Now if you feel that you can't go on

  • Darling

  • I didn't know it...

  • but there was a dark shadow looming nearby.

  • Witches.

  • They're real.

  • And they hate children.

  • Welcome.

  • What would you do...

  • if there were mice...

  • running all around this hotel?

  • I would call the exterminator.

  • You see, girls?

  • He would exterminate those brats.

  • Uh... rats.

  • We would exterminate the rats.

  • I feared this was happening.

  • They're here. That means a test is coming.

  • Ladies, I have a plan.

  • One drop will transform a child into a mouse...

  • Whoa!

  • Why are we mouses?

  • -"Mice." -Whatever.

  • -Grandma, it's me. -Is that you, boy?

  • We'll never let you get away with your filthy, evil plot.

  • Who's gonna stop me?

  • Doesn't matter who you are...

  • or what you look like...

  • so long as somebody loves you.

  • You wouldn't happen to be carrying around a mouse on your person, now, would you?

  • -A mouse? -Mm-hmm.

  • Why on earth would I be carrying around a mouse?

My story begins when I was a young boy.

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