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  • as the NBA prepares to return from the All Star break, was still given props to the flops.

  • We have an extended version of the top 10 so far.

  • Just like to short, these guys put on a performance to get someone to blow the whistle.

  • We couldn't get a whistle.

  • So all we can say is, Get in where you fit in for these folks.

  • They fit in at the flop around.

  • Yeah, it's the top 10 flops from the first half of the NBA season, Kyle.

  • And you know Andre Drummond is strong.

  • Look how strong he is.

  • Look, that's strength.

  • Knocked down Kyle Anderson right there.

  • No foul is called.

  • Alright.

  • Number nine.

  • Marcus Smart, smothering Joel Embiid and be trying to create some space and and, oh, wow.

  • And beads really strong, too.

  • But if you look again, there was no contact smart trying to sell it.

  • He was fine.

  • No foul was called good eyes from the official mark it.

  • Eight.

  • Dude, it's lamelo ball guarding Ben Simmons.

  • Oh, hip check.

  • Not that one right there.

  • Oh, right there.

  • Romelo ball flopping like a veteran and he's going to win.

  • Rookie of the year number seven.

  • Nixon Heat.

  • Keep rising.

  • Jimmy Butler under the basket.

  • He goes for the rebound through contact.

  • Goes falling to the floor, but he really tries to sell it after the fall.

  • He's on the ground.

  • You're looking around.

  • And are they watching or they're watching?

  • Definitely some contact.

  • Baller was okay trying to draw a flagrant foul with the act, but it was a common foul.

  • Yeah, you remember?

  • You may remember Joe Ingles from Little House on the flop era.

  • This doesn't start him.

  • This stars Josh Richardson, who tries to flop on Richardson.

  • Drew the offensive foul on that play.

  • What did his head have to do with it?

  • He reached for his head.

  • His head wasn't even involved.

  • Number five, Hornets and Rockets.

  • Mason Jones going to pull up for three in transition, and then nobody touched him.

  • Uh, fire was originally called, but we have video now, and it was rightfully overturned.

  • Mm.

  • This.

  • I mean, this has to be overturned, right?

  • I mean, it's LeBron James.

  • Oh, you know what that was?

  • He was auditioning for Space Jam three.

  • Right there.

  • He actually got a warning from the league in anti flopping warning.

  • Everybody funny.

  • Now I'm funny, too.

  • Number three Nuggets and Hawks.

  • Danilo Gallinari.

  • He's just gone crazy with the flops.

  • Oh, right there and then And then.

  • Somehow he gets the ball back after the flop, which looked like it really hurt him, you know?

  • He tried to sell it and threw it off the backboard to himself and then caught it and then and then flopped again.

  • He was able to get a call on the second attempt.

  • Persistence.

  • Pace.

  • Listen, you can't blame Kyle Kuzma if he wants to him, you know, imitate LeBron James.

  • I mean, come on, Barney.

  • Rubble.

  • What an actor.

  • Now Kuzma got one of those anti flopping warnings to what's number one stand?

  • Thunder and Blazers.

  • Gary Trent Junior ball got poked.

  • Loosen and Gary Trent Jr is right.

  • He's going right through the baseline like he's headed for the pool.

  • Okay, a top flop of the first half belongs.

  • It's a Gary trip.

  • More to come.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

as the NBA prepares to return from the All Star break, was still given props to the flops.

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Phantom of the Flopera: Top 10 Flops of the 1st half of the 2020-21 NBA season | SportsCenter

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