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  • First, let me tell you, that, uh, language is very important.

  • I was born in a normal family.

  • And I'm not good at schooling (school).

  • Of course, I tried to study hard, but as a boy, you know, my school was not that good at that time.

  • So, I failed looking for jobs, looking for joining university, joining good schools.

  • But I never give (gave) up.

  • But let me tell you another thing: language is so important, it helped me a lot.

  • Because of artificial intelligence, in the future, you know, people (will) say: "I don't need to learn English, or Russian or Japanese.

  • A something, a (inaudible) here can translate quickly."

  • No. It's not about language.

  • It's about the culture.

  • When you learn the other language, you start to understand the other culture.

  • You start to appreciate, respect the other culture.

  • When you appreciate, respect the other culture, you will be respected and appreciated by the others.

  • Then you can work it out together.

  • I learned my English by myself, when I was a child.

  • I never got one day (of) English training class outside China.

  • But I think I understand Western culture much better than those Chinese students that study outside.

  • Because I'm not learning language, I'm learning culture.

  • When you respect the other culture, when you appreciate the other culture, it's easy to make friends.

  • If you don't like the other culture, you will never make friends.

  • If you don't have friends, how can you do business?

  • So, I would say, language helped me a lot.

  • But mostly, the thing that helped me is my respect for the different culture.

  • (If) you speak good English, (it) does not mean you will do global business, right?

  • Mao Zedong does not (didn't) speak, uh, English; Nixon did not speak Chinese, but these older two guy(s) made a global deal: China and US working together.

  • It's the vision; it's the belief that you have, that'll change the world.

  • If you have to do everything with a translator, no good.

  • Of course, sometimes you have to, right?

  • But, if you can understand a language and can communicate; it's easier for you to communicate; easy to understand, and be understood.

  • Thank you. And always: focus on the things that you are good at, focus on the things that you love.

First, let me tell you, that, uh, language is very important.

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Why I Learned English | Jack Ma | 馬雲/马云

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