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  • This is time for one of our favorite segments on the jump, something nothing or everything shoutout.

  • Kevin Wildes.

  • This is our All Star edition.

  • Friends.

  • First the Greek freak one.

  • Sunday night's M V P after making all 16 of his shot attempts, including two banked in threes.

  • The previous record for a perfect All Star night was how good we're in 1968 who went eight for eight?

  • That is impressive perc.

  • That's more than 50 years ago.

  • Louisiana's winning All Star MVP's something Nothing or everything.

  • It's everything to me, Rachel and yes, Janice was out there having fun, but you could tell he was playing hard and he was on a mission.

  • If you look at all the greats from LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett, the list goes on.

  • Majority of them have that calculate that individual aka later, when an all star MVP in a trophy case.

  • So I think this is everything for us, for Brianna's individually adding this to his trophy case, and I love the passion that he played with.

  • This is a guy that you could drop down anywhere in America L.

  • A fitness with Zach Lowe is featured at the Y M C A.

  • And he's gonna bring that same passion.

  • You know I love you, Zach Lowe.

  • I heard about your l A fitness, though.

  • First of all, I'm not taking a charge from the honest at l.

  • A Fitness.

  • I'm making a business decision.

  • Get right out of the way.

  • I bet you all expect me to be the cranky one.

  • He's like it's the All Star game.

  • It's nothing.

  • No way.

  • It's something I can't go Everything.

  • But it's definitely something my man would 16 of 16, and the basketball gods made sure that last three went in when Reggie Miller was screaming.

  • No, no, no, You can't go to accede to the All Star Game without it being something.

  • As Perc said, the players care about All Star MVP.

  • I think they care even more about it now that the trophy is named for Kobe Bryant and it was awesome to see the joy that he played with and all that.

  • You can go 16 of 16 at L.

  • A fitness against me and it still means something, so I think it's definitely something.

  • It's just not everything he can't get in everything until the playoffs, but it was awesome.

  • Was a great night for your honest.

  • It was really moving to hear him talk about what that trophy meant to him, he said.

  • I haven't now going to have a trophy with Kobe Bryant's name in my house, and we know Kobe really was very fond of Yannis.

  • He tweeted at him.

  • M V p is a challenge before Yanez ever won one, So that was a really nice full circle moment there.

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This is time for one of our favorite segments on the jump, something nothing or everything shoutout.

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Giannis winning the Kobe Bryant MVP trophy was a 'full-circle moment' - Rachel Nichols | The Jump

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