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  • This is not an international corporation.

  • The Lakers.

  • Like many team owners, it's a vanity business, something.

  • This is how you the bus family, makes a living.

  • This is your legacy for your Children and everything.

  • And yet you're that'll be faced with a massive 100 luxury tax bill.

  • How do you weigh that against the bus family's insane competitiveness and desire to put championship after championship team on the court for the City of LA?

  • Yeah, I mean, it's it's difficult with the loss of revenue due to no ticket sales, um, in the arena, Um, you know, we are in a a league that is dictated by a salary cap, a collective bargaining agreement.

  • So we have to abide by all those rules.

  • But, you know, the luxury tax is for teams that you know have championship aspirations.

  • And certainly that is something that we want to keep the Lakers at the top of the conversation.

  • And, um, you know, once LeBron James decided to join the Lakers, you know the way he's playing.

  • He doesn't seem like he's 36 years old, but when you have a player like LeBron James on your team, you gotta go for it.

  • You got to use that opportunity to, uh, to win.

  • So you know, we'll manage the cap just like every other team in the league has to do.

  • We play by the same rules.

  • Got to ask you how much time left do you think LeBron James has?

  • I mean, he looks like it's endless.

  • It looks like he can keep on going and going and going like a Duracell battery.

  • For crying out loud, I gotta ask you have you received any kind of indication where it's just gonna be a couple of years?

  • He just wants to get a solid 20 seasons in.

  • Or do you have this mentality that you know?

  • Excuse me?

  • He's giving you every indication he's gonna play for years to come.

  • What do you get from talking to LeBron James about about his future?

  • Well, you know, it's it is like a really good match.

  • Um, we we want him to stay around as long as he wants to stay around.

  • Uh, Kareem played till he was Kareem Abdul Jabbar play until he was 42.

  • Um, LeBron said something the other day about how he probably won't play when he's 46.

  • So maybe somewhere between, you know now and 46 so another 10 years somewhere, you know, whatever he wants to do.

  • Um, we love having him.

  • I have to say he drafted a really good All Star team yesterday, watching the 30 days he knows basketball.

  • He's competitive.

  • Uh, you know, it's just we're having a lot of fun having him around.

  • But the one thing that's missing are the fans.

  • Mhm now.

  • Jeannie, there's been some discussion about changing the league logo.

  • Why do you think that Kobe Bryant should be the new face of the NBA logo?

  • I think Kobe Bryant should be the face of every sports league.

  • Every every, You know, the Olympics.

  • I think that Kobe stood for everything that we aspire to in sports.

  • Hard work, perseverance, dedication.

  • Will the you know, the Mamba mentality.

  • I think he would be an icon fitting for for every everything involved in sports.

  • Why do you feel Jeannie?

  • You mentioned it earlier, and I've heard you talk about being the steward of the team as though it's a public trust.

  • The Lakers, even though it's privately owned, um, having lived in L.

  • A for six years that the Lakers are what make L.

  • A city before anything else.

  • Otherwise, it's a bunch of kind of vaguely sort of connected suburbs, But everyone socioeconomic race, age, gender doesn't matter.

  • Comes together.

  • You said under the purple and gold flag.

  • What responsibility and why do you feel the responsibility as though the Lakers are a public trust?

  • Um, you know that that came from my father.

  • It's It's about, uh, inclusion about everybody coming together and and doing great things.

  • And, you know, it's the Lakers have that ability.

  • It's a platform that's bigger than anyone.

  • Owner, anyone, player, anyone.

  • Coach, Um, it belongs to Laker Nation.

  • Uh, Laker Nation is, um, you know, the heartbeat of, you know, the Lakers and what it stands for, there'll be a lot around a lot longer than I'll be around.

  • And, uh, you know, this is my time to make sure and protect the brand and protect what our fans have come to expect from from the best family from this organization.

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This is not an international corporation.

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Jeanie Buss interview: How much longer will LeBron play? Should Kobe be the NBA logo? | First Take

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