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  • It's a very weird feeling, but you'll get used to it eventually.

  • First thing is to remove any piercings from your nose and then to get rid of any slut, clean the area and wash your hands.

  • Don't eat or drink anything in the half an hour beforehand.

  • Take the swap out of its packaging.

  • Hold it by the handle.

  • Some tests require you to swap your mouth and your nose, but some it's just the nose, so check the instructions on your packet.

  • If it's both, then it's mouth first.

  • Take the swab and rub the fabric end over both your tonsils or where your tonsils would have been if they've been removed.

  • Let's ask an expert.

  • We swish it around on it around five times.

  • Uh, then take it out and move on to your right tonsil.

  • Swish it around another five times, take it out, and this is weird, but you then stick it up one of your nostrils.

  • You want to go back, not up until you feel resistance.

  • You've got to turn the swab, but check the instructions on your kit for how many times.

  • It may make you want to sneeze or feel a bit weird.

  • And it's normal if it makes you want to pull a funny face.

  • Then, remove it gently and do not put it down.

  • Open the little tube containing liquid and place the swab inside.

  • Now, you need to turn it for about 15 seconds.

  • When you're done, squeeze the tube so any liquid in the swab comes out, and place this pipette on top and make sure it's secure.

  • Squeeze three drops of the solution onto the test strip in the circle section.

  • Then you need to wait about 30 minutes.

  • Again, double check the timings on the packet.

  • You must wait the full amount of time for the final result.

  • One line next to C means the test is negative.

  • You're free to go to school or work, or wherever.

  • Two lines means you've tested positive for covid.

  • You and everyone you live with need to start isolating, and you need to book a confirmation PCR test for COVID-19.

  • If there are no lines or one line next to T, it means your test hasn't worked properly and you need to do it all over again.

It's a very weird feeling, but you'll get used to it eventually.

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