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  • give us a sense of your thinking on the possibilities here of Jimmy G.

  • Coming back to Foxboro.

  • So good morning, greeny, I would say, You know, as a reporter covering the team, there's so much secrecy around the Patriots quarterback plan.

  • So I was asking myself the question.

  • What do I know?

  • For fact and for fact, what I know is that the Patriots Bill Belichick.

  • He holds Jimmy Garoppolo in such high regard, and it's one thing for me to say it, but I could actually show it to you.

  • I mean, there was a picture after the 49 ers handed the Patriots their worst home loss in two decades under Bill Belichick, where Bill Belichick stayed on the field to talk with Jimmy Garoppolo and Josh McDaniels, the offensive coordinator was standing nearby for his turn to talk to Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • So the point is this greeny.

  • If the Patriots believe Jimmy Garoppolo is their plan A and there's a big gap Plan B, now is the time for them to at least test the 49 ers commitment to Jimmy G.

  • And so then that begets the obvious next question, which is if they do decide to your point that that's what they want to do.

  • How do they get it done?

  • Well, I got to give credit to Michael Lombardi, the longtime NFL front office man who was here with the Patriots when the Patriots drafted Garoppolo in 2014 on his podcast.

  • The GM Shuffle, he said, How about Sam Donald going from the Jets to the 49 ers, who in turn would then trade Jimmy Garoppolo in a situation controlled by Garoppolo Ca's?

  • He has a no trade clause, and you saw the respect.

  • There was mutual between the Patriots and Garoppolo.

  • Well, you'd think Jimmy might like the idea of a homecoming in that scenario.

  • Greeny, that could work for everyone.

  • The 49 ers would pick up a lot of cap space.

  • In that exchange, the Patriots would get their quarterback who they respect so much in the Jets.

  • Your Jets would probably take a quarterback at number two, which might be their preference anyway.

  • It's a very interesting way of looking at it.

  • Certainly all feels plausible and possible.

  • How likely it is remains to be seen.

  • But it will play out.

  • We would think of the next week or two.

  • Mike Reiss outstanding again.

  • You can read all of that.

  • The piece that he put up there yesterday.

  • Let me bring my crew back in here and Dan Orlovsky.

  • What do you think of that?

  • Let's let's start with just the quarterback, specifically the quarterback piece of this.

  • Which is to say that this would result in Donald in San Francisco and Garoppolo in New England.

  • Just looking at it from the standpoint of those players.

  • Dan Orlovsky.

  • How do you like it?

  • I think San Francisco would be ecstatic if they can get Sam Donald for worthy cost, right?

  • I think Kyle Shanahan would absolutely love Sam Donald.

  • And I think Sam Donald would thrive in San Francisco, knowing the way that cow coaches, quarterbacks, develops quarterbacks and then kind of allows them to play to their highest level, we would see this.

  • Sam Donald, that was that third pick overall in the draft played really, really, really well, and it would quiet a lot of the conversation around him.

  • Now Jimmy Garoppolo to New England makes a ton of sense only if Josh McDaniels, like the or wants to go back to the traditional thought process or style of football that they played with.

  • It only makes sense.

  • If he did not like his experience last year with the dual threat quarterback of Cam Newton.

  • You know that that's the That's for me.

  • Greedy.

  • That's where this conversation starts.

  • Did Josh McDaniels like the quarterback kind of quarterback run and dual threat quarterback?

  • If that's the case, Jim, he's not going back.

  • If he didn't like it, if he didn't feel comfortable, it felt he feels like it held him back as a coach.

  • Yeah, then Jimmy Garoppolo makes a ton of sense to a New England.

  • But for me, it would show it would say that San Francisco loves Sam.

  • Donaldson wants to upgrade at the talent of the quarterback position.

  • What do you think make So Sam Donald needs to be making these calls himself, anyway, to get him out there to San Francisco like he needs to be willing and dealing and trying to figure out how he can make this happen.

  • I think everything that Dan said was right on point, with exception of the Cam Newton point is I don't understand.

  • I can't imagine that Josh McDaniels believes that the Cam Newton that they got last year is like an accurate version of what and offense would be like with a healthy, younger, fresher, dual threat quarterback.

  • I think Josh McDaniels recognizes the pattern of the NFL, the direction that is going in best case scenario.

  • He wants a flexible guy that can be dual threat that can threaten the defense in multiple different ways.

  • But he wants one who's a little healthier and one who hasn't had as many surgeries.

  • I don't think that they necessarily want to go back to Jimmy Garoppolo unless unless they're going to do this kind of quarterback cycling strategy that we've all kind of hoped some team would try at some point.

  • Maybe this is a team that's going to be willing to try it.

  • Who's gonna be willing to go out there and just kind of bringing a new quarterback every year?

  • I guess the Colts are kind of the only team that have started to try to do something like that.

  • I could see that happening with Jimmy G, but I can't imagine that the Patriots want to sign up for a long term commitment to Jimmy Garoppolo, who is an old fashioned quarterback who isn't nearly as talented as other guys out there.

  • God damn quick final thought.

  • Yeah, I just think like Josh McDaniels has a decade worth of empirical data that our offense was really good doing it this way.

  • This is the way we built our organization and had a ton of success.

  • And Jimmy Garoppolo fits that style, the ball out of his hands distributing the football.

  • We used a little bit of the play action pass.

  • I don't think that we consider and say adamantly, like, just because it's the way the NFL going.

  • The Patriots always have always zigged when the NFL zags.

  • And so I do believe that his input on his experience last year determines which way the Patriots are going to go.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

give us a sense of your thinking on the possibilities here of Jimmy G.

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