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  • I heard I was going to be on TV with this, Attorney said.

  • Just like a lawyer.

  • Yeah, well, I thought it was a sports thing.

  • I would come relaxing.

  • I think that you love you.

  • You don't explain why you're dressed like Well, that's what I'm I'm addressing.

  • You look good.

  • Feel good, too.

  • That's what I feel like.

  • I should dress for this kind of show.

  • I decided to put Ali on the left, Fraser in the middle and Howard on the right.

  • Howard said to me, Well, that's not the way we usually do it.

  • We usually do it with me separating the two interviewees and I said, Howard, I think I'm going to get more out of it by the two of them sitting together.

  • I just got too many white followers.

  • They don't like it.

  • They figured you must be a good boy.

  • Good boy.

  • For the first five or six rounds, Ali was taunting Joe as they were narrating the fight, which was the normal thing for Holy all you people watching this show.

  • Look at Joe Frazier's head, but But watching you don't you don't mind then, as it were on Joe, is becoming a little bit more frustrated with.

  • At one point, Joe said, Dolly, you went to the hospital.

  • That's when he went to hospital.

  • Now, remember, don't talk about the hospital.

  • Maybe bringing up the hospital, right?

  • I'll see you around the hospital.

  • We don't imagine I went to hospital for 10 minutes.

  • You went for a month and then be quiet.

  • At that point, Ali said, You're ignorant.

  • And Joe stood up, ripped off his microphone and said, What do you mean?

  • I'm ignorant?

  • Sit down, Sit down, Sit down, Quick.

  • Brothers are here to sit down Quick, Joe.

  • Well, we're having a scene, as you can see, and it's hard to tell whether it's clowning or for real between the two fighters.

  • How is that there?

  • Calmly like he was doing a fight in the ring.

  • He was calling the fight in the studio.

  • Joe Frazier is really angry.

  • Mohammad called, um, ignorant, and he's really angry.

  • I don't think this one is clowning at all.

  • It was sort of crazy in the control.

  • Certainly we never expected that to happen.

  • We never expected them to to two of them to get physical.

  • A lot of people felt that it was put on that it was put on because their fight, it was only a few days away and creates light.

  • Anybody in the studio that they wouldn't believe that they were serious.

  • They weren't very serious and going at it.

  • Especially Joe.

  • A classic fight between two extraordinary athletes.

  • Joe Frazier's watch came off.

  • There was a wrestling bout on the floor, and we're really very sorry this happened.

  • Our stagehands and others were trying to separate Ali and Frazier.

  • Ultimately, when they got them separated, Joe got up bolted out of the studio.

  • That was the last time we saw him for the day.

  • Joe Frazier is leaving the studio now, and he is deeply upset at Ali, calling him ignorant.

  • I'm sorry, Joe.

  • I'm going to try and get back and we'll be back in just one month.

  • You'll be on Dad.

  • I think it's certainly spurred their rivalry for the next fight.

  • Joe resented the fight that happened in the studio, resented everything that I said to him.

  • I think in a funny sort of way, Joe had more approved Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

I heard I was going to be on TV with this, Attorney said.

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When Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier got into a fight in a TV studio | Boxing on ESPN

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