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  • ANGELA BASSETT: Hi, I'm Angela Bassett,

  • and I play Dorothea Williams in "Soul."

  • And today I'm going to tell you a story.


  • You know, I just woke up.

  • It was an ordinary day, you know?

  • You got up, you have your breakfast,

  • you have your smoothie, you say bye to your kids

  • as they go about to go to school,

  • and then you get a phone call and they

  • say, "Hey, Pixar's calling.

  • Wanna know if you wanna come and play

  • with us on this movie, "Soul"?"

  • "Soul."

  • Well, you know, I grew up as a young kid enjoying soul music.

  • I remember the long console stereo that my mom had,

  • and she had lots of albums and would love to play

  • and put on some of the greats.

  • The Temptations, Martha and the Vandellas, Soul Brother--

  • you know, it was the '60s, James Brown,

  • you know the pick, the Afro, the pick in the back of the Afro

  • with the fist on it.

  • Years later, moving to L.A. and going to the jazz clubs there,

  • seeing Betty Carter on stage, and she's not only

  • performing and singing, giving us this great gift that she has

  • to share, but also as she's mentoring and teaching

  • and bringing up these young musicians in her band.

  • Or with Miss Dorothy Donegan, who

  • was a phenomenal piano player.

  • When you listened to her play, you

  • could hear strains of a nursery rhyme, of some classical music,

  • along with some jazz improv.

  • It was mind-blowing.

  • So it's like, hmm, "Soul," animated movie?

  • Working with Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey?

  • Ah.

  • Kemp and Pete?

  • Wow.

  • So I show up at the studio, I'm just

  • meeting Pete and Kemp for the first time,

  • never met them before.

  • They show me a picture of my character, Dorothea.

  • She's a saxophone player.

  • Oh my gosh, I get to headline a band?

  • Oh my gosh, Mom, all those guitar lessons

  • I took when I was a kid--

  • well, those five guitar lessons because we weren't

  • able to afford it-- but look how far those five lessons took me.

  • Not only am I not playing guitar,

  • I've gone on to saxophone, I have my own quartet.

  • It was great.

  • I hope that people come away from "Soul" knowing that they

  • are unique and precious and wonderful individuals,

  • and their particular brand of "Soul," the world needs.

  • I hope that they find their spark in life,

  • no matter when you find it.

  • If you're lucky enough to find it early, great,

  • but if you find it and then you put it on the shelf,

  • you can always go back and get it.

  • Check out Disney and Pixar's "Soul,"

  • now streaming on Disney+.

ANGELA BASSETT: Hi, I'm Angela Bassett,

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Angela Bassett on Playing Dorothea Williams in Pixar's Soul | Disney+ Draw Me A Story | Episode 2

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