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  • I love that event.

  • It's just designed to get players to laugh at other players.

  • And in this case, they were laughing at a guy who wasn't actually drafted.

  • They just gave Rudy Gobert to LeBron and LeBron's, right?

  • By the way, when I played NBA Jam, I spent more time like putting in the code to activate Bill Clinton, never actually choosing the Utah Jazz.

  • So he has a point.

  • I mean, I guess he's right about that, but it doesn't apply in this situation like this draft is personal, and for that reason they should not be offended.

  • I guess because Kevin Durant, with his first pick, picked up Kyrie, his first pick of the Reserves.

  • He picked up James Harden, like it's obviously about relationships.

  • I don't think it surprised to either of those guys.

  • They already knew they weren't best friends with them.

  • So, like all I really want to do is skip the nonsense and get straight to it.

  • So Pablo, who you got?

  • I mean, you got the after the set right now.

  • You gotta pick.

  • This is a hard way between you and me.

  • He's in the middle square.

  • He's clearly the all star captain here.

  • Either you're racist or you're sexist.

  • Well, I You know what, Mina?

  • You give your answer so I can have a pretense to hide my bigotry.

  • Um, I'm just going to answer the question.

  • Which was, Should the Utah Jazz feel disrespected?

  • Yes, but also, they should be thrilled because all of the pieces are in place for a postseason run field by spite.

  • Think about it.

  • One.

  • They're the best team in the NBA, and nobody acts like it, including all of us.

  • To hear Pablo's disdain when he described him as such to, they seem to be convinced that the refs are against them.

  • Three.

  • Have you seen inverted Maxwell's tweets about how the entire state of Utah doesn't have Internet?

  • They are hilarious.

  • Four.

  • Now you've got this all star disrespect where Rudy Gobert is reduced to the kid who gets picked by default in dodgeball is left there, standing alone in the gym.

  • All that's missing is for the media to pick them, to lose to like Portland in the first round, and then the disrespect will be complete, and that's all it takes.

  • Like that is, honestly, a key factor that would have me picking in their favor, except I'll probably pick Portland, too.

  • I do love that.

  • The other side effect of this run of spite is that Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, who once hated each other because Rudy Gobert was, you know, spreading the coronavirus to everybody else, including allegedly Donovan Mitchell.

  • They are now united by the poetic fact that no one else wants to touch the alright.

  • Pablo, if I let you off the hook for the question where you decide between us to, you have to answer another question for me.

  • What is happening?

  • He took control.

  • What?

  • The other question I'll give you the opportunity is what does it feel like to be Rudy Gobert in a situation like I have no idea.

  • Mina clearly has no idea.

  • But for some reason, I believe that you might know what it's like to be the last dude on the playground.

  • Yeah, I picked me up.

  • Yeah, I'm Donovan Mitchell in this metaphor where we're united by hatred.

  • Your Gobert.

  • I'm Mitchell.

  • I just want to be clear.

  • I'm Donovan Mitchell.

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I love that event.

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The Jazz will use being disrespected as fuel for the playoffs - Mina Kimes | HQ

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