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  • this carbon neutral sailboat delivered Cacau to France all the way from the Dominican Republic.

  • Brittany based chocolate and coffee manufacturer Grander Sale sent their own vessel, which functions almost completely on renewable energy on across Atlantic Voyage via New York in a bid to make the movement of their goods by sea pollution Free international shipping by sea transport emits around 940 million tons of CO two annually, accounting for about 2.2% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

  • That's according to a 2014 study by the International Maritime Organization.

  • Grander sales boat is more environmentally friendly than most cargo ships, featuring two hydro generators to wind power generators and three sets of solar panels.

  • It's small.

  • Diesel motor is only used for minor maneuvers at harbours.

  • According to Jacques Borrow, the director general of Grand Sale, the mission was partly inspired by tool ships, a type of sailboats dating back to the 18th century myself at the U.

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  • The sailboat started its maiden voyage in November 2020 and docked in New York City in December.

  • It then set off to the Dominican Republic, where staff collected 33 tons of cocoa beans before heading back to France, making a total round trip of three months.

  • During the voyage, the crew enjoyed Britney's trademark Kreps, lying in the hammock and spotting the occasional dolphins swimming nearby.

  • But it wasn't all plain sailing, said the boat's Captain Lewis Brand.

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  • The company aims to develop an inter Atlantic network of cocoa and coffee producers in the future with the implementation of more cargo sailboats.

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this carbon neutral sailboat delivered Cacau to France all the way from the Dominican Republic.

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