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  • the Utah Jazz and the 76 ers, and it was Joel Embiid and the 76 years that came out on top.

  • What do you think of this statement?

  • Win by Philly?

  • This is what I'm talking about, Joe.

  • Joe, this is what I'm talking about.

  • Joe Joe, Show them that the modern day big is back.

  • Yeah, you shooting the three.

  • But the majority of your work is getting done inside of that line and getting done inside of the paint.

  • And when you got small guys on you, you're punishing them.

  • When you got big guys on them, you're showing your versatility hitting Jay's on them.

  • But then you also bullying them, too.

  • I appreciate what I'm seeing from Joe Joe this year.

  • He's clearly the difference in this matchup was very dominant.

  • And, yes, the Utah Jazz were upset about a couple of calls that didn't go their way.

  • But that physicality that I see from him is terrific.

  • If you're a Philadelphia 70 Sixers fan 40 and 10, 4 or five times this year, no other player comes close.

  • If you are Philly fan, you are also happy about the performance of not just the L and B, but also Tobias Harris, who took over in the overtime and got buckets and got them to win.

  • How important is Toby's performance for the success of this team as they move into the playoffs extremely important and the coaches should be paying attention.

  • That didn't put them on the All Star team.

  • He's bawling on the number one seed.

  • And when it's time to go to overtime, if you're not giving it to Ben Simmons, you're giving it to Tobias hairs.

  • And you said he scored 11 big points.

  • They needed all of them.

  • They needed his size against certain matchups to take advantage of right there on the post.

  • And so he's gonna be a key factor, obviously, if they're going to do anything special.

  • A factor in this game was the refereeing.

  • Donovan Mitchell was ejected in the game, and he had some very choice words after the game about the way it was called.

  • What do you think about his ejection?

  • And the way this game is called?

  • Well, basically taking you behind the curtain with Spider Mitchell is basically saying, is the Utah Jazz have the best record in the NBA?

  • We don't have a team full of players that complain about every call.

  • We don't have a coaching staff that jumps up and complained about every call yet.

  • We don't get the benefit of the whistle.

  • And there were a couple of close plays that went against them.

  • The Royce Young saved.

  • That was the correct call the Joel and be the way Roy Roy.

  • So Neil, Uh, Joe L and B physicality download against Grow Barrow on that play.

  • And then the offensive rebound with Joel got the ball stuck against the rim.

  • That was a call that went against them as well.

  • So the Utah Jazz had a couple of plays that were really close.

  • But again, this game was all about the dominance of Joel Embiid.

  • And when you have Rudy Gobert, you're expecting to slowing down a little bit.

  • Yeah, going down a little bit.

  • 40 maybe 30 Defensive player of the year.

  • Your center.

  • You're going up against the best in the league.

  • You're supposed to hold him under 40.

  • Well, Mr Rose, when it gets late in the fourth quarter, you know what time it is?

  • Dame time.

  • Always dame time.

  • It's always dame time time and time again, this young man hits clutch threes like that one to finish games.

  • Jalen, what do you think about not just his performance last night, but what he's been doing all season in the clutch.

  • I think like Drake, I'm upset, upset.

  • I'm really I'm really upset because Game has been doing four bar Friday for seven or eight years.

  • He's been bawling like this for the Portland Trail Blazers and leading them to the playoffs every year since his rookie season.

  • And every year we do all of these lists about who the top players in the league and I remember vividly put him in front of players like Anthony Davis.

  • And people are like, Oh, how can you do that?

  • All I know is this Dame Dollar behind Steph Curry has continued to a valid validate himself as an elite point guard but also a top five player in this league.

  • A top five player in this league.

  • And when you get confused, just thinking about this is 30 seconds to go.

  • It's 20 seconds to go.

  • It's 10 seconds to go and your Yannis and you come out of the huddle.

  • Who do you want to get the ball to yourself to make a play or the game to make a play.

  • So when you start talking about who's the best players, you gotta also factor in.

  • Who are you going to get the ball to when it matters the most.

  • Top five D O A.

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the Utah Jazz and the 76 ers, and it was Joel Embiid and the 76 years that came out on top.

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Joel Embiid was the ‘difference maker’ in the 76ers’ OT win vs. the Jazz - Jalen | Jalen & Jacoby

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