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  • I don't know.

  • Hello.

  • I'm ot Girls can do lots of things like studying engineering or becoming a professional dancer.

  • Two nuts Story is called Girls Can Do Anything.

  • It's written by Carole Heart and illustrated by Ali Pipe.

  • I think girls come in all different colors and sizes.

  • They delight and amaze us.

  • They are full of surprises.

  • Okay, Girls can do anything they want to do.

  • And if you are a girl, you can do these things to.

  • Girls can have long hair or short hair in spikes.

  • Girls can ride scooters and skateboards and bikes.

  • Girls can wear trousers or board shorts or dresses.

  • Girls can be neat or make wonderful message.

  • Girls can be scruffy or muddy and smell it.

  • Girls can be fancy like people on telly.

  • All girls are different.

  • But one thing is true.

  • There's no other girl on the planet like you.

  • Girls can play basketball, football or catch or SCO lots of goals.

  • In an ice hockey match, girls can climb mountains and other high places.

  • And when golden medals in all sorts of races, girls are amazing.

  • So shout it out loud.

  • I'm a girl, I'm fantastic.

  • I'm strong, brave and proud.

  • Some girls like numbers, and some prefer writing.

  • Some girls find signs of music exciting.

  • Some girls are wiz E with pom poms and glue.

  • But all girls are brilliant and that includes you.

  • Now here's a secret.

  • The whole world should know.

  • Girls get more awesome.

  • The older they grow somehow protect tigers or he'll people's pets.

  • Some learn to be zookeepers, farmers all that girls can drive Lorries to hold heavy loads about fancy houses or dig up the roads.

  • Girls can be brave, like this firefighter here rescuing people when danger is near.

  • Girls can be gentle and girls can be rough.

  • You can count on a girl when the going gets tough.

  • Hi.

  • Yeah, girls are amazing.

  • So shout it out loud.

  • I'm a girl.

  • I'm fantastic.

  • I'm strong, brave and proud.

  • Now how many girls have invented a way to make people's lives a bit better?

  • Each day they've discovered the causes of cuffs, spots and sneezes.

  • And then how to treat many nasty diseases.

  • A girl can explore a hot jungle place or float in a rocket ship way out in space.

  • Girls can fly planes or dive under the sea.

  • Yes, girls can be anything they want to be.

  • A girl can find clues to help solve tricky crimes or speak out for others At difficult times When a girl is determined, she always succeeds her courage and strength or what everyone needs.

  • Girls are amazing.

  • So shout it out loud I'm a girl, I'm fantastic I'm strong, brave and proud And the girl I love best in the whole world is you dream big special girl Tell me, what will you do?

  • What a fantastic story all about some strong, brave and proud girls Now it's time to go to sleep.

  • Maybe you'll dream of becoming a zookeeper, an astronaut or a dancer But whenever you dream to become, remember to always be you Night night Watch more on BBC I player.

I don't know.

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