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  • Some of this will be determined by some of the moves that are yet to take place in free agency, involving Shawn Watson and maybe Dak Prescott and maybe Russell Wilson.

  • We will see.

  • Meanwhile, Lewis, let me come back to you because I can hear all of the non quarterbacks that I work with every single day screaming at us right now, Guys, it's not just the quarterbacks.

  • So as we look at the rest of this mock draft, Luis Riddick aside from the Q b s, what's the number one thing that stands out to you?

  • Yeah, I think it's the Phillies selection there at six.

  • I can just tell you this if Filly's comes up and Jamaar chases on the board and they don't pick Jamaar Chase and they go with Kyle pits and I like Kyle pits, I love Jamaar Chase.

  • There will be riots in the streets of Philadelphia.

  • They will burn down the city of brotherly love, and they will march on the Nova care complex.

  • I promise you, I think recency bias is something that we all need to be very careful about in that, In this sense, look, we haven't seen Jamaar since 2000 and 19, when he absolutely ripped the SEC and he ripped every single top corner in that division without any problem at all.

  • This guy is a monster, and if he's sitting there at six and he's just waiting for you to pick him and you have your choice between him and Devante Smith, I think you better take one of them.

  • Look, I'm telling you like I like Kyle pits.

  • He's not Darren Waller.

  • He's not George Kittle.

  • He's a good weapon, but he's not of that category.

  • And I think it would just be a huge mistake in Philadelphia.

  • Passed on him if he was sitting there waiting for him.

  • A reminder Jamaar Chase was the best receiver at L S u two years ago.

  • Sat out last year because of Covid.

  • Justin Jefferson came into the league this past year and put up all world kind of numbers.

  • Chase was the better player of the year before at L s u mighty.

  • Same question to you.

  • Aside from the quarterbacks, what's your number one takeaway?

  • Jamaar chase.

  • He's the best wide receiver in this draft.

  • And what's interesting?

  • Greeny.

  • When you talk to people around the league.

  • How are the opt out?

  • It's going to impact decisions.

  • Ultimately, Jamaar Chase, if he had played, may have been the best football player he'd be in that discussion with Trevor Lawrence.

  • As you just mentioned, he outplayed Justin Jefferson, who was dynamic from Minnesota.

  • So, ultimately, is that Devante Smith or Jamaar Chase and in the balance is going to be one guy played in Excel and Devante Smith, another one opted out.

  • And there's teams around the league that are really struggling on how to handle the opt outs.

  • And to me, that's gonna be a fascinating dynamic as we get closer to the draft quickly.

  • You were a GM for two different teams, Mike.

  • Would it matter to you with the opt out factor into your thinking, I would drill down hard?

  • I'd figure out I want to know why you did it, who helped impact that decision and go through their whole body of work.

  • But if everything else checked out, I would not hold it against them.

  • This was obviously an insidious virus, and again, Jamaar Chase very well may be the best player in this draft that's not a quarterback and he may be too good of an opportunity to pass up and Matt back to you.

  • Same question.

  • Aside from the quarterbacks, what's your number one takeaway?

  • Yeah, that's the running backs.

  • Two of them coming off the board in the first round.

  • Nagy Harris from Alabama.

  • Travis Etienne from Clemson.

  • I thought we were devaluing running backs in the NFL last year.

  • Client Edwards.

  • The letter goes at 32 out of L s U to Kansas City, and then this year we see two dynamic players.

  • I thought it had a little bit of a down year in 2020.

  • Nagy Harris.

  • He probably had the Heisman vote when we got down to the end of the regular season.

  • Obviously, Devante pulled away toward the end of the year.

  • But seeing two running backs go in the first round, I don't think it's crazy, but it would be a little bit of a surprise, just given how the NFL values that position and how deep the running back group is this year.

  • There's a couple other guys out of North Carolina who are are making some waves as well.

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Some of this will be determined by some of the moves that are yet to take place in free agency, involving Shawn Watson and maybe Dak Prescott and maybe Russell Wilson.

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