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  • let us now bring in our very own Daniel Cormier, who is ready for the night.

  • Daniel, great to see you.

  • And you are one of only four athletes to hold two titles at the same time.

  • From your experience, what will be addressing his biggest challenge in trying to do that tomorrow?

  • Well, you know, for Izzy, it's about him fighting his fight, but also dealing with the extra weight Greenie is he's gonna weigh in at £193 this morning the way it is, 205 Yamaha Bitch is gonna go into the Octagon over to 20.

  • So it's gonna be a little bit of a difference for me in m m A.

  • But in his kickboxing career, he fought all the way up at heavyweight.

  • So this is a young man that understands managing the way differences.

  • But Yamaha, which is a big, powerful guy that has every intention on not allowing easy to join that club of double champions.

  • Now that is just one of several huge fights tomorrow night.

  • Amanda Nunes is a huge favorite in another in the co main event.

  • If you were coaching her opponent, Megan Anderson What would you tell her is the best approach to try and pull off what would be a substantial upset?

  • I mean, this would be the biggest upset in UFC history.

  • There has never been anything like this.

  • Amanda goes into fights every time, minus 1000 as she is against Megan Anderson.

  • This time, Megan Anderson is a big girl.

  • She's a massive girl for the weight class, A £245 fighter.

  • She needs to go forward, try to put Amanda on her back.

  • The only areas that we've seen Amanda Nunes struggle and that was a long time ago was when she was taken down and fatigue sets in.

  • But this is the greatest female fighter of all time, and she deserves to be viewed in the light that she is.

  • This is a big ass for Megan Anderson.

  • She has worked their way into a title fight.

  • But the mountain to climb against Amanda Nunes is one that is so formidable that no one has been able to even really challenge her as of late.

  • All right, so we will see what happens there.

  • And then one more thing I wanted to ask you while I have you.

  • Anyone who knows you knows you're a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints.

  • So what are your thoughts on the possibility of Russell Wilson coming to New Orleans?

  • Wait.

  • Listen, man.

  • When I saw him listen to Saints because we deal with me as a as a fan I dealt with Harden wanted out of Houston.

  • Drew Brees retired.

  • I was like, We never get any love.

  • But then I saw Wilson put the Saints on the short list, and I just started.

  • Got on my knees instead of prayer, like, Come on, please, man.

  • If we can roll from jewelries into Russell Wilson, we got a chance.

  • Because the team is made, the team is ready to win.

  • Right now.

  • You add a piece like that and we go in the Super Bowl.

  • I'm just excited.

  • I hope it works.

  • The mayors begging everybody in New Orleans were sitting on pins and needles hoping that Russ, let me tell you something, man.

  • Down on Bourbon Street, the food is fantastic.

  • We can help you is gonna be a great fit if you come down to the body.

  • That's a beautiful place to live.

  • That's an outstanding sales pitch.

  • Daniel.

  • Great to see you.

  • Thank you so much.

  • We'll see you tomorrow.

  • Huge night for all of us.

  • Here at ESPN, we got the fights to UFC 2 59.

  • The stacked card problems start eight Eastern on ESPN, ESPN Plus and ESPN Deportes.

  • The main card begins 10 Eastern on pay per view.

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let us now bring in our very own Daniel Cormier, who is ready for the night.

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Daniel Cormier previews UFC 259: Israel Adesanya vs. Jan Blachowicz, Amanda Nunes vs. Megan Anderson

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