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  • Hey, y'all, Do you like animals?

  • Do you like real life floor?

  • Well, if you don't, why are you watching this video?

  • And if you do, I've got the perfect new channel for you.

  • It's called Biochar, and I'm uploading videos over there that are just like the content you see over here on real life floor.

  • Except it's all about weird animal stuff.

  • I've already made three videos that you can go and watch right now about how orcas will eat moose, how slugs have sex and how Noah's Ark could have worked with the power of atomic bombs.

  • More fun.

  • Animal videos are coming on a bio work all the time.

  • So if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, it would really mean a lot if you went over there, check some videos out and subscribe for future content.

  • I also recognize that real life floor recently surpassed four million subscribers, which is just completely 100% unbelievable to me, y'all are truly the best, and I'm so so incredibly honored and humbled to have gained the trust and the following of this community.

  • I'd like to also say that I didn't build this alone We have all built this together over the past five years since real life lawyer was created.

  • And I'm just so grateful to all four million of you who have chosen to subscribe and the millions of more who have watched my videos over the years because of all of you.

  • I get to wake up every day and do what I love, which is making videos and writing content for all of you to enjoy and hopefully throwing in a few Toyota Corolla jokes every now and then along the way.

  • Anyway, Thank you for everything.

  • I love you all and as always, thank you for watching.

Hey, y'all, Do you like animals?

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I Made a New Channel About Animals: Introducing BioArk

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/05
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