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  • So are the Knicks.

  • In the process of becoming a destination, I want you to listen to Bobby Marks, ESPN NBA front office insider on Freddie and Fitzsimmons.

  • Listen to who, he said.

  • Do you remember yesterday when I used a, for example, If a Bradley Beal listen to what Bobby Mark said, If Bradley Beal wants out, maybe that's the guy.

  • Listen to what Bobby Marks said.

  • I think Brian Winters was alluding to Bradley Beal in Washington.

  • I think that's kind of where he was alluding to, and I don't want to put words in his mouth, but yeah, I mean, I think what we saw Brooklyn go through where, as long as you have a foundation in place and you have a strong management group and you've got young pieces around and it shows that you can go out and win games and probably not out of the championship level.

  • But you have cap space and you have draft picks and you are New York or your your Brooklyn, one of these big markets.

  • They will come now.

  • I love Bradley Beal, and by the way, Bobby Marks is referring to what Brian Wind Horse said yesterday We talked about it on the show.

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  • Sirius XM The point is, I talked about how Brian Wind Horse and when he says something like this is not coming out of speaking of the ether of the ether, you're not pulling it out of the air.

  • He's talking to people.

  • He said he wouldn't be surprised.

  • His prediction is, in the next 12 months, a star first, he said Superstar.

  • Then he downgraded it to a star.

  • Will will it forced their way in a trade to New York to the Knicks.

  • And I talked about how Michael Kay said on the Michael Cassio ESPN New York last week that this next team is not.

  • I forgot what I forgot.

  • He didn't say fillet, but he said, It's more like a burger than some fancier food, right?

  • It's it's a it's a, uh, it's good, but this is not championship.

  • It's not elite quality team, and my comment at the time was, that's true.

  • But if you can establish a healthy culture on a franchise in New York.

  • The New York sells itself.

  • I mean, as soon as the Nets showed up and they and they said, Oh, look, our culture is healthy, you blink.

  • They have Katie, they have Kyrie and they have James Harden, right?

  • So that's all you really need to do in the New York market is should say, Hey, this is a healthy place to play than the than the city sells itself.

  • How?

  • Because these players, the superstars, they wanna be billionaires And where better what better a platform from which to broadcast your brand and become global than New York City?

  • The biggest, It's It's It's literally I'm not the most important city on the face of the Earth.

  • Not my opinion, because you're from New York.

  • It's an it's the only Alpha prime prime city, along with London, You know, in the Wall Street's here, the the Broadway is like everything from the culture of like the mind of a child like Sesame Street is located in New York City to the United Nations.

  • Hey, when we want to put all the governments in the world in one place, New York City, the stock market, New York City Cultural hub, New York City.

  • Ellis Island.

  • The statue like it's it's right, you, you that is a place from which you can broadcast your brand and a player can become a billionaire.

  • The New York City sells itself if there's a healthy culture in New York, and that's what they really have to show.

  • The Nets did it just like that.

  • They're they're an overwhelming force.

  • The Knicks are starting to do it.

  • I know, I said.

  • A fish rots from the head down.

  • And in James Dolan, you have a rotten fish head.

  • And so they'll never win as long as he's the owner.

  • But hat.

  • But he has he gotten out of his own way enough to establish a healthy culture that others could establish the healthy culture who aren't rotten fish heads.

  • The answer is yes.

  • Yes, the Knicks have established what appears to be from where I'm sitting.

  • Healthy culture.

  • Yes, there now a destination.

  • But as to wind horse, the wind horse came out and said his prediction next 12 months, a superstar, and then he took it, pulled it back a little bit, said Star player.

  • And as soon as I heard that I thought Bradley, Beal and I.

  • Really, I hadn't talked to people about this.

  • Bradley Beal Because Bradley Beal is exactly on that line.

  • Is Bradley Beal a superstar?

  • Not quite, but he's more than just an All Star, and I love me some.

  • Bradley Beal.

  • Is he the piece that would win the next the championship?

  • No, Bradley Beal is not the best player on a championship team, but maybe he's the second best player on a championship team.

  • Certainly, he's a guy.

  • If you have young talent around him that can attract yet another player because, you know, stars like to play with stars and the Knicks would be really, truly in contention.

  • Were that to happen?

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So are the Knicks.

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Could the Knicks emerge as a destination team for stars? | The Max Kellerman Show

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